Wonder Woman

[dropcap]L[/dropcap]ast year, when I first saw the Wonder Woman movie trailer, I had many questions. Usually DC movies are widely known for not fulfilling expectations, and with the reviews of Suicide Squad in the back of my head, I believed that Wonder Woman would be just like the rest. Boy, was I wrong.ntg_r1_c6v72_170418_022jt_g_r709.106832.tif

The movie stars were Gal Gadot, Wonder Woman/Diana, and Chris Pine/Steve Trevor. One of the main things that first stood out to me was how women on Diana’s homeland were portrayed. All these women were muscular, strong, had deep beautiful voices. All these characteristics of which would be associated with men. In the movie, it is shown that these women train all their life to become amazing warriors. This portrayal of strong and smart women, all on a self functioning island (though with some help from the god Zeus) were something that had already put this movie at the top of my list.

When Diana learns of World War II occurring in the outside world, she believes it to have occurred due to Aeries, God of War. She Wonder-Woman-2017-Movie-Wallpaper-10-1600x798was told as a child that he brought on war, and the only way to stop it was to kill him. She enlists the help of Steve Trevor, a spy for the Allies, who has informed her that a man named General Erich Ludendorff and a woman named Dr. Maru are planning to release a very poisonous gas to help them win the war. When she hears this, Diana believes Ludendorff to be Aeries and sets out to kill him, believing this will end the war.

I would rate this movie an 8.5 out of 10. It was a very interesting movie that held my attention all throughout. It was something that empowered lasso-badassme, not because of her super strength, and amazing hair, but because I finally had a super hero to admire. The movie had action, drama, romance, and even a bit of comedy. There are small bits of history in there that may interest you as well. Some scenes brought me to tears just because of their sheer beauty, and some were just down right heart wrenchingly sad yet beautiful. There was also great character development seen in both Steve Trevor, Diana, and even side characters. My only dislikes would be that Diana is displayed in some parts as a dingy beauty queen, but I had to keep in mind it is because the outside world is all new to her, and she just wants the best for everyone.