Whats on your summer bucket list?

  Summer break is coming just around the corner (5 more days for seniors and 9 for everyone else!!) If you have no go to plans, we hope this inspiration from your fellow Spartans will help you start off your summer right!

  • “Go to the beach more often than once to watch the sunrise and set.” - Anonymous
  • “This summer, I’m planning on starting my college app essays so I’m not as exhausted during the school year”- Emily Condon 
  • “Hopefully go to a foreign country! And not fail summer school again, boom. But really, I want to visit Korea. Oh man, I love Korea.” -Cade
  • “SCC Transfer Credits”-Jessica Lyman
  • “Go camping, finish my summer book list, go college dorm shopping”- Magali Duran
  • “To train with the Shaolin monks in China, train for the army”- Clarissa Sherman
  • “To see as much as I can on my way to the East Coast, to visit New York again and to travel”- Samantha Gilchrist “Read a book I wanna read without falling asleep”- Maddie Cinco
  • “Hang out with my friends as much as possible before we go our separate ways.” -Cayley Benally
  • “The main item on my bucket list is to go stargazing at night even though my curfew is 10. (Can’t leave the house past 7 too!)- Roselle Ardosa
  • “Have a bunch of fun dates and hang outs with my friends and maybe go to New York and of course Disneyland as much as possible- oh, and get my liscence” -Natalie
  • “Making some final memories with high school friends before we all part ways and spending much needed time with my older sister who I haven’t seen much of in the past two years.”- Gabbi Saldana
  • “Doing AP work, starting my science fair, going to the beach and sleeping in!” -Naomi Samuel
  • “Taking an SAT practice class, learn how to sew and work on art skills!” -Kalee Hinman
  • “Travel. Everywhere”- Tiffany
  • “Be healthier, go on an adventure, have fun and just enjoy my summer”- Cindy Tran
  • “Go zip lining again in Hawaii and to simply have fun with my friends” -Kynsee McDermott
  • “I hope to go backpacking in the mountains, work at the airport, and get my pilot’s license. I also plan on going to Germany”- Jacob Aspling
  • “Trying to improve the AP class, I am thinking a lot about that. I am also trying to get the students to do more during the summer, and going to local areas such as Arizona and Nevada.” -Mr. Hunt
  • “Go to art museums, try new and trendy restaurants, hang out at the beach until night, maybe go to San Diego and get a pet!”- Analysse Gutierrez
  • “My bucket list is definitely packed with volleyball, taking college classes and going to Six Flags.”-Mona Adawy
  • “This summer, I am extremely excited to go to the Colorado River in Arizona with the friends and family friends.” -Gavin Jones
  • “Surf as much as possible, hang out with the homies, and have an overall good time”- Zane Ketterer
  • “Go snorkeling!” -Amanda Riebe
  • “I’d like to continue training in dance for next year and make more awesome memories with my friends” -Allison Schegetz

Have a great one, Spartans!