What is the most valuable lesson learned this year?

Life is full of regret, so here at the Iliad, we are trying to prevent that. Hear from real Spartans about their VP experiences and hopefully learn from them to make your next year great!

  • “My most valuable lesson this year was to always have fun and enjoy the little moments because senior year goes by so fast.” -Chasyn McDermott
  • “My most valuable lesson is to not procrastinate!”-Hailey Osborne
  • “As a Villa Park Spartan, there are many things you can learn through your peers, teachers, and even just what happens around you. The one thing I hold dearest to me are the friends I’ve made and the good deeds I’ve done to those that deserve it and even those who may not. The reason for doing so is to build character and that’s the most important part of attending high school and making friends. With a solid base, you can build a house big enough to hold all the fun and interesting things about you.”-Josh Marquez
  • “Most valuable lesson this year is to enjoy high school, but get the education work done to get into a nice college; we are the future generation.” -Matthew Torres
  • “Most valuable lesson is to live your life the way you want and to not let anyone tell you differently.”-Parker Parresol
  • “To challenge yourself.”-Clarissa Sherman
  • “Stay on task and not worry about others think of you! Keep positive and stay true to yourself.”-Jessica Lyman
  • “Courage, patience and kindness” -Samantha Gilchrist
  • “Try harder. You can never try too hard. Push yourself to do better than your best (and don’t forget to do your homework)”- Amanda Johnson
  • “It’s okay to step out of your comfort zone and try new things. You’ll regret it later if you don’t”- Grace Bahbah
  • “Always try and do the homework-regardless of the class.”-Ian Wong
  • “I’ve learned that AP Bio is interesting, but a very annoying class to take.” -Gavin Jones
  • “Stressing out does nothing and you could be using that time to improve on what you’re worrying about.”-Naomi Samuel
  • “When you work hard, the effort will really be worth it in the end.”-Cindy Tran
  • “Things might not always work out the way we want them to, but they always seem to work out in the end.” -Maddie Cinco
  • “Senioritis is real fam.”-Chloe Bogart