What are your goals for the next year?

Happy Monday, Spartans! Mondays are always good times to reflect on what we can do in our lives to make us happy and content, and since it’s the last week of school for our seniors and the second to last week of school for the underclassmen, why not focus on how to improve your mental health, work load or even happiness in the following school year. Whether you’re worried about leaving VP, looking forward to college applications, AP tests, or simply ready to move up from being a freshman, it’s always nice to know that someone else feels the same way. Here’s what our Spartans had to say. SENIORS:

  • “My next year goal is probably to meet new people and explore college life.” -Maddie Cinco
  • “My goal for next year is to survive, I guess. College isn’t easy and it’s a lot of hard work. A majority of nights will probably be spent staying up late finishing homework, so hopefully I’ll make it through the next year.” -Cayley Benally
  • “My goal for next year is to hopefully break out of my shell and form new friendships; work hard and get good grades.” -Chloe Bogart
  • “My main goal for next year is to become involved in clubs and getting to know my professors and colleagues.” -Roselle Ardosa
  • “My main goal for next year is to assimilate into college life: make new friends, join clubs, and prosper in my major. I also want to make it a point to become a more disciplined and independent person, basically, I want to become more mature but still find ways to have fun.” -Gabbi Saldana


  • “I aspire to get into a really good college and generally pass all my classes without senioritis taking over”- Jessica
  • “My goal is to get into one of my top colleges and have a strong idea of what I want to do with my life.”-Natalie
  • “Get into college!”- Tiffany
  • “I’m planning on taking a rigorous course load again; plenty of AP’s, so my goal is to avoid senioritis.” -Emily Condon
  • “My goals for next year are to not be stressed out and to have lots of fun time with friends in and out of school. Also, to get into college!” -Mia Rivera


  • “I want to try my hardest to get good grades of course, but I really want to pass all the AP tests I am going to take. I will be taking 5 and would really like to get at least a three on all of them.” -Brett Rabun
  • “Next year, I would like to receive straight A’s in all my classes and get the 4’s and 5’s on my AP tests.
  • “I want a better GPA and to get a 4 on my AP tests next year.”- Kalee Hinman
  • “I want to be able to study hard enough and get at least some sleep next year.”-Jacob Aspling
  • “I hope to get straight A’s and make varsity volleyball!”-Kanak


  • “My goals for next year are to take as many classes I can both in high school and at SCC. I would also like to maintain A’s in every class.” -Hudson Bodourian
  • “My primary goal for next year is to keep all of my A’s and B’s and to break all of my swim times.”-Zane Ketterer
  • “My goals are to participate in more clubs, become a better tennis player and just really get more involved with VP in general.” -Amanda Riebe
  • “My primary goal is to try and get as close to a 5.0 GPA as possible, because I would really want to end up going to MIT.”-Ian Gibson
  • “My goal is to continue being the best I can in school as well as dance.”-Allison Schegetz