The Treasure Within the Heart

[dropcap]L[/dropcap]ove is a powerful feeling. The endearment from another is truly a great feeling, but not all appreciate it. Not everyone can obtain the warmth for long. There is nothing better than the love someone and their spouse or current partner shares. Although some are able to cherish this love, others do not have it so easily. Love is a scavenger hunt, with one constantly searching for their one to-be. The person that catches your eye maybe yours, but for how long? Not every romance lasts forever.


On a day

Where the sun refused to shine

I peered into the looking-glass

and asked myself:

When will it be time?

When am I to find my other half to-be?


Will I ever be good enough?

Will I ever be charming enough?

Will I ever be endearing enough?

Will I just be enough?


All these questions will be answered

When a miracle appears

and the clouds disappear

and the sky begins to clear


On a sunny day

when the sun's rays shine through

I looked at the sky

and the sky looked at me

warmly, touching my face

with soft rays


Then an "X" was marked on my chest

and a line was drawn straight to my heart

as a saw my one to-be


The aura that you created was beautiful

radiating, brilliant

so luminous that I thought

my eyes were deceiving me


But I knew you were my one to-be

deep in my heart, my soul,

I just knew you were for me


I took you deep into my heart

where the treasure lies

It was the peak of my life, the pinnacle

I savored every bit of it


You rummaged through my treasure

You found the shiniest, most precious ones

and stole them.


One day, you turned away from me

taking armfuls of my treasure

leaving my treasure chest empty

leaving me with nothing


You impaired me

I was broken beyond repair

and nothing could be done

I was left empty, alone

Lost in the darkness


The deeds you have done make me wonder

Was it I who had done wrong?

Was it I who did not love you as much as you loved me?

Was it I who pushed you away?

Thoughts and doubts rush through my mind as the darkness penetrates me further


And I think...

Will I ever find that feeling again?

Will I ever be able to feel the warmth of your hand ever again?

Will the memories ever become reality again?


But I must realize the truth.

The day grows dark

And I lie here wondering,

Without you, will the sun ever rise?

Will the moon shine?

Questions are left unanswered and I continue

as the memories of you consumes me.


Time passes and I still find myself lying here




All because you left me to drown on my sorrows


And for that I think to myself,

How do I save myself from the peril you inflicted?

I wonder

I think

And for the last time, I weep


The past is now the past

Memories begin to fade

The day slowly begins a new

And I watch as my sorrows drift away

until finally,

You presence...

does no harm.

My mind is clear once again.

C.T. & J.H. (2016)

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