The Most Beautiful Art Receives the Most Criticism

The most beautiful art receives the most criticism. When walking into a room

It is not the child’s drawing:

Scribbles borned from a black pen

Onto a flimsy piece of stained construction paper.

Harmlessly clinging to the fridge.

And absent of thought provoking meaning.

That attracts the most attention.

It is purely looked upon in amusement.

It is the framed,

Complex, metaphorically rich copy

Of a famous masterpiece.

Hanging loudly

Adjacent from the fridge

Which threatens the beaten path

Stirring the most controversy.

The majority of negative opinion falls upon the most talented of artists

Whereas those who play it safe.

Conform to bland neutrality.

Those who sit and watch the world blossum around them

Without providing an ounce of water to the parched soil of society

Go unnoticed.

Famished for a glance in their direction,

They make it their job to spray pesticides the way of those who plant seed

Believing they, themselves have done nothing wrong.


Because they have done nothing wrong.


By doing nothing at all.

But by doing nothing at all

They deserve every pound of criticism in the world.

Do not attempt to to stand stagnant in the light of everyone’s rays

In fear of being cast into the shade by some.

Create, advance, travel, score, climb

But do not acquire roots of safety.

For criticism is the currency paid to progress

The rusty coins thrown by those who appear to be ants in comparison to the monument at which they toss them.

Let them bounce off.

Plunk to the earth below.

Teetering in place for a few seconds before they

lay still for eternity.

Take pride in the glinting coins that rest at your feet.

For you know.

The most beautiful art receives the most criticism.