The Highlight of my Summer Vacation

   My summer was non-stop. From two soccer camps, tournaments, and weekly training sessions, I was in desperate need of a little getaway. My mini vacation was to Santa Ynez; or more specifically, Los Olivos. A quaint town with bed and breakfasts, restaurants, community parks, horse trails and a whole lotta wine was the perfect for a weekend getaway.

The first day we arrived to Los Olivos we checked in to the Fess Parker Resort. There were some issues with the room we reserved, so the resort kindly upgraded our package…TO A SUITE! I was beyond excited. It was the size of a small apartment! And we were only there for three nights! Even the shampoo looked nicer. As I’m sure you have noticed, I was pretty ecstatic about the suite. But that isn’t the best part. On the second day of being in Los Olivos is when the magic happened. We were minutes away from a beautiful grape lot and a horse riding rental.

  It was my first time ever to horseback ride. I couldn’t wait. As we approached the farm I started to feel butterflies in my stomach. My biggest fear was falling off of the horse and being kicked, but as soon as I saw the beautiful, gentle creatures, all of my worries went away. My horse’s name was Snicker’s. I’m pretty sure it had to do with the fact that she had the same colors of a Snickers candy bar. She was the youngest in the group with an extra pep in her step. A laid-back animal who would periodically get excited and trot up to the front, trying to pass the other horse’s on the trail ride. That day was filled with pure joy. I was never much of a horse person cause I had never even sat on a horse before this summer. But after spending the day with such a kind and caring creature like Snickers, I suddenly felt a newfound love of horse’s and horseback riding.  At the end of our farm trip, my family and I were lucky enough to see a baby horse only three days old in the stables with his/her mom. That was the perfect ending to a wonderful trip. Nature can really rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul.

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