The Filling Station

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he Filling Station Café, a gas station transformed into a trendy restaurant, has gained popularity in the sixteen years it’s been opened. From the over-flowing greenery, to the vintage charm inside, this establishment is full of character. Their outside seating, covered by nearly a dozen umbrellas, is the perfect place to enjoy a meal anytime of the day.

This past weekend, I visited this restaurant with my grandma. There was no wait for a table, and we were seated right in the middle of the outside seating. We were surrounded my flowers and plants, and a large oak tree. We ordered our drinks, and I was quickly distracted by the passing dogs. I would say the cute animal’s people had with them made the place seem friendlier, in a way.


I had ordered a vanilla chai tea latte, and it was definitely the best one I’ve ever had. I was considering ordering a second, but figured I had enough caffeine in me already. The food took a while, albeit the staff was very kind and apologized for the wait. I had no problem with it, as being surrounded by the beauty and vibe of the restaurant for a little while longer was not a bad thing.  

When our food arrived, we were surprised by how large the portions were. My grandma had ordered an Asian Chicken Salad, and I their signature burger, the Filling Station Special. The burger was standard, and tasted like any other burger you could get at a nice café. The fries were surprisingly tasty, I enjoyed them more than the burger. From what was reported to me from my grandma, the salad was delicious, just way too much to eat in one sitting. We both got boxes to take our leftover home.


One of the few negative aspects about The Filling Station, were the amount of flies. It seemed I was constantly swatting away flies from myself and the food, though I don’t think the staff could’ve done much about that problem.

It got to the point where I felt bad for the staff, as the restaurant got busier and it seemed they were nearly running to refill all the waters, bring out the food and checks, etc.. Though it never effected their attitudes, never straying from the pleasantness and friendly demeanor. The atmosphere of the restaurant is lovely, and I definitely see myself visiting again.