Suicide Squad

Directed by: David Ayer

Cost of Filming: $175 Million (USD)

Box Office Pull: $701 Million (USD)

unknown-3The DC Universe has just opened another chapter into its ever expanding list of adventures. This chapter is the new film, Suicide Squad, where a ragtag group of villains, get a government funded chance at seeing the grass on the other side of the fence. This grand misadventure, involves none other than miss Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) who was imprisoned after a reckless night with her “puddin’”, The Joker (Jared Leto). That night, The Batman (Ben Affleck), tried to take down The Joker and Harley in one fell swoop, but came up with only Harleyrick_flag.

The team members each have their own reasons for giving “the hero game” a try. The leader, Colonel Richard Flag (Joel Kinnaman) is a military man, looking to win back his corrupted love, The Enchantress (Cara Delevingne). The Enchantress is the ancient witch who has returned and taken possession overa mortal woman. Enchantress also wishes to destroy the world, and rule over it with an iron fist.

images-1 Next, the other good guy on the team is the lady with the magic sword. Katana (Karen Fukuhara), with her soul catching sword, slices and dices her way through the mutated monsters that Enchantress creates. The sword she uses holds the souls of every person that’s killed with it. Her husband was killed by that sword, before she got it, and his soul still remains in its enchanted blade.

The hitman of the group, Deadshot (Will Smith), was a hired gun that got rid of anyone, but for a price. After a rough encounter with The Bat in a Gotham City alley, Deadshot came face to face with a choice, surrender, or put his daughter in harm’s way. He inevitably surrenders, and is hauled off to prison. His unknown-4one dream, is to be able to to see his daughter one last time, and that is the one and only reason why he’s turned hero.

Then there’s the rough and tumble robber from down under, Captain Boomerang (Jai Courtney), who has an unhealthy obsession with pink unicorns. Boomerang is criminal through and through, and really has no reason to fight for the government. Boomerang’s shenanigans actually end up getting another man killed! This man is Slipknot (Adam Beach), the man who can climb anything, and was killed while climbing (talk about irony) unknown-1Now there’s the flaming felon who lost it all, El Diablo (Jay Hernandez). His story isn’t revealed right away, but is later brought out by Harley Quinn and Deadshot. The fact that they eventually get him to explain his dark, dangerous, and tragic past is a big move towards the comradery that the team needs in order to get the job done.

Then last but not least, there’s the monstrous man eater. The Killer Croc (Adewale Akinnuoye­Agbaje) is a man who suffers from a very rare skin condition that makes him borderline reptilian. Even when he swims through the water, he moves like a crocodile, and eats like one too. The massive man was caught in the underbelly of Gotham City, where he lived peacefully. The police came in and took him down, and sent him away to the same prison as Deadshot, Harley Quinn, and El Diablo.suicide-squad-killer-croc-poster

I found the movie extremely entertaining, despite the missed opportunities involving The Joker, and Harley Quinn. The fact that they didn’t elaborate on the Joker’s story is to be expected, considering he wasn’t a “main” role. My main problem with Harley Quinn was the fact they didn’t have her use her signature weapon; het mallet. Harley Quinn was extremely well known for using guns, knives, and her cartoonishly oversized wooden mallet. The use of her guns and knives was fairly satisfactory. The costumes were really well done on the Joker, because they gave off a vibe of power and insanity at the same time. However, Harley’s costume was a little... revealing, and didn’t stay true to the Harley Quinn Attire. I liked the costume still, but it wasn’t quite the same as her literal harlequin suit. unknown-2

The overall storyline was great, and the great cameo they threw in was extremely well placed and deserve recognition. The cameo I was thnking of was The Flash’s (Ezra Miller) appearance during the story of Captain Boomerang’s arrest. Overall the costume that the flash wore was spot on, and his quipp was perfect. Even in his one line cameo, he made the flash work extremely well. His confidence, attitude, and sense of humor all tied in to make this character seem perfect.

However, the overall plot was a little slow, and the conflict resolveditself in a very expectable way. The construction of the team seemed to take entirely too long, and the fact that they took the time to show the way they were treated in prison seemed a little unnecessary and overly drawn out. The resolution was pretty straightforward (if you don’t want to read a spoiler, don’t read the rest of this paragraph) except for the fact that El Diablo became his full demonic form in orderunknown to match the strength of Enchantress’ brother who was a colossus in his own right. Diablo’s death was a little upsetting, but he took the colossus down with him in order to save his friends. The overall storyline was great, and the great cameo they threw in wasa colossus in his own right. Diablo’s death was a little upsetting, but he took the colossus down with him in order to save his friends.

There were a few scenes that seemed like they meant to leave you on the edge of your seat, but just couldn’t follow through.(ANOTHER SPOILER SET) The scene where Deadshot is going to finally destroy The Enchantress’ machine in the end was very easily expected. In the same aspect, the scene where Harley is tossed from the Joker’s burning helicopter, onto a rooftop, iimagessn’t quite the great suspenseful moment that it seemed to be aiming for. The last scene of the movie, which shows the Joker freeing Harley from her cell is a bit unexpected due to The Joker’s supposed death and makes for an amazing ending.

The movie left me feeling content with how they executed the film and the character styles, and how they ended the film were both well executed. On a point basis, the movie made me feel like it deserved an 8/10. The execution of some things could’ve used work, and the Joker should’ve had some more screen time. The most eventful relationship in the movie to me was the relationship that Deadshot had with his daughter and that made me feel that it deserved a better score than most critics gave it, and I feel like some things were undeserved, but it was a good movie nonetheless.