Study Tips from a Chronic Procrastinator

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]or a long time, I've always struggled studying for tests, because if there is one thing I'm good at, it's procrastinating. I'm sure we can all relate sometimes. Those times when all your thinking about is anything but the thing you're to be doing. I still find it hard at times to focus on studying, but these tips have helped a lot when trying to concentrate. When you know a big test is coming up, review a little bit of the information everyday. Don't wait to study the night before the test, because you will probably become overwhelmed with the load of information you have to study. Sometimes, I type out the study material in my notes on my phone, or even make it my lock screen background, to look it over when I'm out. Before your about to study, it's helpful to put your phone away so you won't get distracted casily. I find it beneficial to go to the library after school to work on homework or study, because it's quiet and there are no distractions. You also get everything out of the way so you're not stressed about it later.


On the topic of stress, it is important to take a break from a long period of studying to breathe or mediate. I've had times where I was so stressed when studying that I lost motivation and just gave up. It is easy to become overwhelmed and frustrated when studying a lot of information at once, so it helps to just take a break to walk around and focus on breathing for a little bit. It's helpful if you have friends that have the same class you can study with. Or even have someone quiz you on the material. My friends and photoI will sometimes make stories or songs about the information we have to remember. Just make it funny and it can become an easier and fun way to study.

When you prepare for a big exam, make sure to study right before you go to slecp When you wake up in the moming, make sure to wake up a little carlier than you usually do. Make sure to eat a good breakfast such as oatmeal, fruit, smoothie, etc. While you eat, review the material. Just remember to relax and take your time studying for your next big exam.