[dropcap]O[/dropcap]verwhelms your mind, Struggles and fights with your thoughts,

The constant struggle to keep your mind straight

but never lets you forget about it.


Busiest of days, have no time to even take a breath

Jam packed and hard to keep a positive mindset

Thoughts become lost in a black hole in your brain


Difficult tests, essays due, dance team performances, failed Biology tests, becoming sick,

running for freshman class president, coming early to school, late homework nights,

friendships breaking, grades, finals, yelling teachers, loads of homework.

Frustrated student

It pulls your brain apart

ginormous throbbing beats bang your head and never leave

The pain breaks down your spirits,

and persuades you into wanting to give up on everything


Yet, stress comes and goes

Always look on the bright side

A rainbow comes after a terrible storm