Stair Way to Happiness

The pursuit of happiness. It is the one thing every person is after. At one point in all of our lives we will be on the pursuit of something materialistic such as more money or more power, completely convinced that these things are all we need in life. However, there is always going to be a point in life where we realize the only thing that truly matters is being happy. At this point, we will begin to fully grasp the previously cliche saying “All you need is love” and cease to roll our eyes when one replies “to be happy” rather than filthy rich, or stunningly gorgeous when asked “what do you want to be when you grow up?”. Unfortunately happiness can be difficult to obtain at times. When we are happy, we feel on top of the world. High in the most pure and refreshing sense, never wanting to come down. Sometimes though, we cannot help stumbling to a low point finding and ourselves longing to feel that exhilarating joy we once took for granted. At this point you may feel stuck. Like your happiness pipe is clogged regardless of how much plunging you do. This is normal and happens to everyone but that does not mean that we cannot attempt to dig ourselves out of this dark fog as fast as possible. I went around asking people what they did in order to clean out their happiness pipe and let the energy flow back in, keeping it there at a steady pace each day. If you are feeling sluggish and dragged down by depression, following each piece of advice will assist you in advancing towards the light once again.


Stairway to Happiness:

  • Listen to Music. Forget everything else. (-Zoe Metoyer)
  • Focus on what you’re passionate about. (-Claire Detterich)
  • Go outside and take a walk. (-Candice Tang)
  • Surround yourself only with people and things that inspire you. (-Olivia Meis)
  • Watch a good movie. (-Kiora Denkinger)
  • Hang out with positive people.(-Ethan Zorbas)
  • Call up a good friend and rant until you have everything out of your system. (Miranda Moore)
  • As cliche as it sounds,really try to see the bright side of things. (-Kathryn Versteeg)
  • Dogs, lots of dogs. (-Tucker Tracewell)
  • Make it a goal to put a smile on someone else’s face. (-Evan Battey)
  • Let those you love know you love them. -(me)
  • Speak up in class. It’ll help you from being bored. (me)
  • Try to find a little bit of positivity in everything. (-Janelle Chavez)
  • Watch a comedy! (Jax (Ogburn)
  • Make a goal of complimenting a certain amount of people each day. (me)
  • Try doing something new you’ve never done before. (me)

Picture by: Jenna Norton