Our World's Natural Disasters

Mexico's Devastating Earthquake - by Elizabeth Reyes On September 11th, Mexico was struck with an ground-shattering earthquake with a magnitude of 7.1. With a death toll of 230 people, the people of Mexico have been alone and in fear. Those in the surrounding area of the epicenter have lost everything, and even months later, are still recovering.

170908-mexico-earthquake-4-ew-326p_e9ba9d74ca848450704463d0efc087fc.nbcnews-fp-1024-512Mexico shares your pain.

-President Enrique Peña Nieto, addressing the most affected parts of is country.

Since the earthquake did a great degree of destruction to Mexico, I believe they should start fixing things. There are so many ways to rebuild the harm caused by the quake. In times of panic, people split or come together. In a time of need such as this, the citizens of Mexico must come together in order to rebuild their homes and their lives.


Hurricane Irma, a Tragedy to the Southeast Coast - by Nicole Sarkaria

The recent devastating events of Hurricane Irma have left the world in disarray after the amount of damage this force of nature has done. An article from the New York Times explains the extremity of the storm. One of the areas most affected the by the storm has been Florida; with winds up to 145 miles per hour and 15.9 inches of rain, the state suffered horrible damage. Many were evacuated, as well as other states, such as South Carolina.photo-1

Not only has this hurricane destroyed buildings and cities, it's also gained a large death toll, robbing far too many families of their loved ones. After effects of hurricanes like coastal negative surges (where water recedes off the beach and then, all at once, ruses forward in tsunami-like fashion) have taken numerous lives, and the list of ways the storm has affected the coast seems to be endless.

While many were sheltered in the eye of the storm, it hadn't given protection for long. In those twenty minutes of solace, some anticipated to survive through the rest of the storm, whiles others prepared to follow the eye. When the storm had died, rescue dams and searchers began the hunt to find those wounded by the destruction of the storm.