Our 2018 Resolutions

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his year has been pretty great so far! A staggering...two weeks. Okay, maybe it hasn't been too eventful, but I know that 2018 will be a big year for personal change. Already, we're setting goals for ourselves and hoping we can at least maintain them for a month. Personally, my "eating healthier" resolution has already been broken (at the fault of far too mny blueberry donuts), but everyone in Journalism has been setting their own goals for the upcoming year. Thomas Loughlin from zero period has already said that sugary drinks are going to be something he's avoiding this year. "The average person should consume 25 to 38 g of sugar per day. One bottle of Coke contains 55 g of sugar in it. One can blow through their entire daily value of sugar in a few minutes, and they doesn't even take into consideration the other sugar we eat in a day.new-years-resolutions-480x0-c-default All of these things have lead me to make the decision to stop drinking soda for my New Year's Resolution. I have already cut down on soda a lot and instead opted for water or iced tea. However for the New Year, I want to completely cut out soda from my diet. This seems like it won't be too hard, as I already don't drink too much soda, -new-year-resolution-quotes-new-years-resolutionsand I enjoy iced tea and water more most of the time. If cutting out soda goes well, I want to take it a step further and try to cut my sugar down from all sources and try to get the recommended amount. Hopefully it goes well, and I will live a healthier lifestyle."

From Period 2, Danielle Weins says  that her 2018 resolution is... "to just be a healthier person in general. Eat better, take better care of myself and workout more. Every year I try to do this and it doesn’t go the way I wish, but I am going to try really hard again this year. In the new year of 2018, I am looking forward to starting my new way at life at college. 1975684_1I am really excited to figure out where I will be going, and what major I will start in. I am also excited to finish out high school, I know these next few months will be so fun and memorable. I know that so many new things are in store for me, and I am really excited to find out exactly what that is. In the new year, I want to do well in soccer, get into my top schools, and have a lot of fun. I hope to really enjoy my first half of my freshman year at college. I think that new year’s resolutions are kind of pointless. There is a new day to start a new goal everyday and I don’t think it needs to wait till a certain day to start bettering yourself. A lot of times I see people (including myself) set goals for the new year and it lasts a few days. “New Year, New Me” is overrated because you can start a better you everyday!"

Emmie Phuong, also from Period Zero, shares the same opnions as me (click here to read the article!) when it comes to New Year's Resolutions. "This year, I don’t plan to make resolutions. Why? Simple: because what’s the point of wasting energy making something I won’t commit to? I know that sounds snarky and pretentious, but it’s true. Who said that we have to change every new year? When did that evenNew-Year-Resolutions-Activities-For-High-School-Students-2018-With-Images-Free-3 become a thing? Just because a new year is coming, you don’t need to force yourself to change if you aren’t ready for it. I believe that you should change when you are mentally and physically ready and capable for a change. If that time frame so happens to happen during the start of a new year, then good for you! You do you!"

Well stated! Of course, any time is a good time for positive change, and this year should be no exception. Working towards our 2018 goals will definitely be a challenge, and whether it lasts for 3 days or 365, know that it's never too late to make a positive change.

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