My American Horror Story Nightmare

unknown-5 I lived in a Murder House.

I survived.


I escaped the Briarcliff insane Asylum.

I survived.

I protected a witch’s Coven

I survived. tumblr_mwu9rtkzt11qdhgjto4_1280

I attended Elsa Mars’ Freak Show.

I survived

I checked in the Hotel Cortez.s-l400

I survived.


Now that I'm alive, I’m going to be living in a Nightmare.

american-horror-story-murder-house-posterIt was a dark night last May when season 5 of American Horror story, Hotel, had aired in season finale. It’s always painful when a show ends, especially one you are deeply attached to. Of course, if it is a show that is clearly picked up for another season, you can look forward to the theme of the new season, typically announced at the end of the season prior. This year was different. No teaser, no announcement, no little hint. Lead writers Ryan Murphy and Brad Fulchick were going to take us on a new adventure.

The new theme was not going to be announced until the night of the premiere of it but it wasn’t only a waiting game because the writers teased us as well. Randomly in the middle of ahs-3posterJuly a series of teaser trailers were released, creating a large buzz from the following system. Within hours, theories for the themes were everywhere but within days they were all crushed. Ryan Murphy took to social media and announced that only a few of the many released trailers were accurate to the season but the trailers kept coming. No one knew which was right or wrong and the torture of possibilities made the waiting game that much longer.

file_109237_0_thesupremeFor me personally, I had a strong idea of what I personally wanted the season to be. I had noticed a lot of 1700 clothes and machinery. It was quite common throughout so I believed that the horror story this year would focus on the start of America. I believed it to be centered on the 13 original colonies, and one of its more mysterious events but the lost colony of Roanoke. Later on I would find out that I actually was correct as this season was themed “My Roanoke Nightmare.” I watched a lot of trailers.

The actual premiere of the season itself was almost everything all the fans wanted. The introduction of a theme was the top of the list. It brought back several of its notableamerican-horror-story-freak-show-poster recurring actors like Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates, Lily Rabe and added famous faces like Cuba Gooding Jr. to the mix. Of course, American Horror Story heartthrob and stable actor since season one, Evan Peters did not make his usual appearance. He has been confirmed for the season and many fans are hoping to see his face on the screen in the second episode titled “Volume 2.” Aside from postthe characters, the ‘style’ of the season is new. They are doing a documentary style where they have an actor portrayal of the people that “actually” lived through the nightmare. It is sparked many fan theories about the validity of the universe and if AHS is actually just entirely on a movie set and a part of our world.

The sixth season of American Horror Story has been told to “connect all of the previous season together,” as told by writer Ryan Murphy. Every detail from any and all previous seasons are resurfacing if they have even the slightest connection to the airing season. A massive connection of 6 seemingly unique seasons, familiar faces as well as new ones on the screen and a lost colony nearly 300 years old, this season is sure to be a dream to many. unknown-6american_horror_story_season_6