Justin Ladner

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, born September 12, 2000 in Rancho Cucamonga. He spent the first two years of his life in Rancho Cucamonga, then he moved here. He started school at Cambridge elementary. He says, “Cambridge was a good school, I really enjoyed it.”

      When he was that age, he like to do lots of stuff on free time, “ Back then I skated, but not nearly as much as I do now. I also liked to ride bikes, but when i got to fourth grade I ended up only skateboarding from then on,” he said, “My good friend Gabe got me into skateboarding. He used to have a huge halfpipe in his backyard, and I would love going over there to skate it. He taught me the basics of skateboarding.”

      After he got a decent knowledge of the sport, Justin started practicing on his own learning new tricks every day. “Ever since i first even stood on a skateboard I have really loved it, but I really remember when I landed my first kickflip on my driveway making it that much better. I was seven or eight and I had been trying for a few months before, and landing it made me realize that I could really get good at the sport if I pushed myself the furthest I could.”


      He is sponsored by two companies ‘Mission Belt’ and ‘Concrete Youth’. He used to have a sponsor with a very small company called ‘Broken Bonz’. Justin was thirteen when he first got this sponsor. They offered it to him after they watched him compete in a small contest. “I rode for them for about a year, but then a bigger company, ‘Concrete Youth’ offered me a sponsor. With it I was given more clothes and advertisement, so I went for it. Very soon after this event, ‘Mission Belt’ sent me an e-mail asking me to represent their team, and about a month after I was introduced to the team.”

      In the end, Justin has had a fairly successful skateboarding career thus far, and he is constantly progressing. He works through hardship to keep getting better. He is currently in the midst of an injury, he hurt his foot skating recently at Vans skatepark at the block. He rolled his ankle and saw two doctors. The first one said that he broke it in three locations, but the second, a pediatric specialist told him that he had torn two of the ligaments in his ankle. He is currently recovering and is looking forward to being able to skateboard with full capabilities again soon.

       Even though it might not be easy, practicing constantly will make you better, and if you stick with it you may be one of the best in just a matter of time. If anyone is a good person to show this, Justin is the man, and a great person too.

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