Disney Annual Holding Prices

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]ctober 5th, 2015—a day of devastation for Disney fanatics everywhere— the day Disneyland announced their official raise of prices for 2016 annual passes. Hearts stopped across the country, many arguing why such a successful company needs demand even more; however, Disneyland rightfully defended itself claiming their raise of prices on far more than just the idea of financially making more, but rather as a way to control the constant overcrowding that occurs day in and day out as well as better the overall experience.Disneyland being so close to Villa Park High School has become a place very near and dear to many of the students’ hearts at the school so it’s no shock to hear how devastating many of them were when they first heard the news of the price raising of the annual passes. Emily Hong, a senior at the high school expresses her opinion over the topic stating, “I understand that Disneyland is way too overcrowded, but raising the prices of the Disneyland passes is not the way to go; however, it may be the only way.” Emily has always been very fond of Disneyland and is sad to hear about the raising of prices because she is no longer able to go with her family and little brother due to the high expenses they are now demanding. For these reasons, Emily also says her family will not be spending the excessive amount of money to buy these desirable passes.  Senior Spartan Emily Elder shares very similar ideas over the issue stating, “I’m angry because I can’t afford it, so I won’t be able to go to the park as much as I used to, but I do think they did it to decrease the amount of pass holders.” Even though Emily Elder and Emily Hong both had similar reactions towards the raising of prices, Emily Elder offered up an alternative to fixing the overcrowding problem by suggesting, “I think they could have done this a different way by creating more blackout dates for the pass holders or getting rid of the pass that has zero blackout days.” With this solution Emily Elder thought Disneyland would be able to satisfy both arguments by keeping the prices down while also limiting the days pass holders can actually attend the park and thus lowering the size of the crowds. On the contrary to these two Spartans, Senior Skyelar Garcia has a much different take on the issue stating, “I think it’s bad because if Walt Disney was alive to this day I think that he would be extremely disappointed because he meant for Disneyland to be a happy place for people to go for enjoyment and it’s sad for the kids’ parents that can’t afford for them to go and experience such a wonderful place.” Skyelar feels as if this money issue is destroying the moral happiness that Walt Disney originally intended his parks to have without the focus on profit, but rather the enjoyment. Skyelar and her family are all annual pass holders and intend to purchase the 2016 annual passes despite the expense it will have on them.  While agreeing that the price raise may benefit the park by limiting the crowd Skyelar suggested that “they could have changed the maximum occupancy,” in response to tackling the issue another way.

The final reactions our fellow Spartans had over the issue was one of mixed feeling rather than pure anger towards it. Junior, Danielle Leavelle tackles this question in a far different way stating, “It makes me very sad because it will be harder for me to get a pass but also happy because maybe less people will be there.” Danielle feels both happy and sad about the decision of Disneyland to raise their annual pass prices but she does agree that they came as a result of the heavy everyday crowding of the park. She states an alternative to this issue suggesting, “I think they could have fixed this problem by limiting the amount of days cast members can go or by limiting the amount of people they can get in.” By limiting the amount of days Disney’s thousands of cast members are able to attend as well as the people they are allowed to bring, Danielle thinks it just might fix the issue without all the drama of raising prices. Sophomore Spartan, Samantha Medina shares similar mixed feelings towards that of Danielle’s stating, “I feel like they are trying not to have a lot of people go to Disney since it’s like packed and everything so they raised up the prices for that reason but I’m also mad because they make tons of money and they shouldn’t be raising their prices, but I do think it’s more about the fact that it’s full all the time.” Samantha is mixed with feelings on how to respond to the raise of prices but one thing she can say is that she does think the overcrowded factor was a key proponent; however, she isn’t exactly sure on how to approach such a controversial issue for this amusement park.

It’s safe to say that many of the students at Villa Park High School were very affected by the raising of prices for Disneyland’s annual passes, and when it came down to it they were all able to agree that the constant overpopulation of the park was a major factor that led to the raise in passes. Unfortunately many were willing to admit the necessary evil of raising the cost of the annual passes, because at the end of the day it was aimed towards making something positive despite how negative it may feel to fork over the money.

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