[dropcap]F[/dropcap]amily can be the best and the worst thing to ever happen to someone, it can bring someone to their knees in pain or the verge of tears of joy. It pushes some to the very extremes and forces some to day things they never meant in the first place, but you can’t always take back what you said. BlinkyTM is a 2011 Irish-American short science fiction-horror film written, edited, and directed by Ruairí Robinson. The film stars Max Records, Robinson, Jenni Fontana, and James Nardini as a dysfunctional family buys a robot that they believed would solve all of their problems. Two parents fighting and screaming at each other constantly pushed their son to the very edge of his own sanity. Their son retreated to his robot to be his only friend and that’s where things began to move downhill. One day it was raining and the boy was playing outside with his robot when the boy glanced inside only to see his parents in yet another fight. The boy becomes angry and begins screaming at his robot to do everything he says and pretty much fries Blinky’s circuits.

“You can’t make my parents happy! You can’t make me happy! Why don’t you just kill me!?! Why don’t you kill my parents!?! Why don’t you kill everyone!?!”

When his mother stepped outside she said, “Clean up this mess or we’ll eat you for dinner.”

Blinky was just doing what he was told. He killed the boy, cooked him for dinner, fed him to his parents, killed his parents, and killed everyone else who showed up to deal with the disturbance.

As terrifying as it seemed, the film truly showed how deep and how angry family can push someone to be, even an eight-year-old child. Family brought out the very worst in a child, just imagine what it can do to an adult.

Just watch it for yourself: Blinky on Vimeo