A Helping Hand

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]ince her early years of elementary school, Josephine Pham had a passion for helping others around her in any way possible. Her above average grades were not surprising either. Her determination in school gave her the strength to push towards her education. “A lot of the students in my class asked for help with homework or asked for my notes fairly often in the past,” she chuckles, “It was honestly surprising. It wasn’t like I was the top student or anything. Thinking back to it now, my classmates might have been taking advantage of me because I’ve always had a hard time saying no to someone asking for help.” Like many other students, Josephine also struggled during her years at La Purisima Catholic School. Despite these seemingly endless hardships, her grades pushed her to be one of the top students, placing her as the president of the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS). This society was an organization established to recognize outstanding middle level students, and honor students who have demonstrated excellence in areas including scholarship, leadership, service, character, and citizenship. Through long nights of studying, diligent work, and determination, Josephine pushed herself ahead of others. Throughout her middle school years, Josephine had looked forward to serving other people in high school. The volunteer work that integrated with her Catholic education acted as a “preparation” for her next four years. 

As soon as she entered high school, Josephine joined to Key Club. Running for the board was a goal that had formed early in the year. The board positions included the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Bulletin Editor, Historian, and Publicity. By the end of her Freshman year, Josephine had decided to run for the board for the following year. In her sophomore year, Josephine had been placed as the Bulletin Editor. Her seemingly simple task on the board forged memorable moments and joy. At the end of Josephine’s sophomore year, she applied to the board once more for the following year, and had been elected as the President. Her determination to become president was her desire to “get out of her shell.” Despite knowing the downsides of being president -stress and having to clean up after past presidents- her love for her board members, her work, and service remains prominent. She simply “wants to make a difference in the world and create lifelong memories.”

While carrying the struggles of being president of Key Club, she juggles stress from four AP classes in her junior year. However, she never regrets being the president and has enjoyed her three years in Key Club. The memories she’s made have been irreplaceable. Josephine believes that being the president of Key Club will help improve her leadership skills and communication with others for the future. She believes that, in ten years, she will still have that prominent love for service, while still studying diligently. Her ideal career path is computer science. She states, “It won’t be difficult if I continue to strive for the best.”

Photo Credit: Zoe Metoyer