Vape is Not an Escape

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f you were in a flaming house, would you remain in the home because the firefighters had not been FDA-tested and approved? No one in their right mind would. Why is it then, that it’s all right to continue inhaling the toxic vapors of e-cigarettes if they have not been examined by the FDA and endorsed by them? The deadly smoke that individuals puff out of vapes are addictive and can cause several symptoms if one ceases to continue vaping. I believe countless teenagers and adults are unaware of the life-threatening effects of smoking vape as well as what they include.  E-cigarettes contain liquids contained in cartridges where nicotine, originating from tobacco, is imbedded with a base. The sweet smells of the vapor come from over 7,700 flavors of vape that the FDA has not evaluated. Because of this, no one can determine what poisonous chemicals truly reside in the fluids of e-cigs. Dry skin, dry mouth, and dry eyes are three of the many common side effects of smoking vape. Since the propylene glycol that is mainly used in e-cigs prevents water molecules from entering your mouth, dryness about the body is normal. Inhaling PG, or propylene-glycol, is predicted to lead to infections in the lungs. Exposure to PG has also been tested and proven to cause cancers in humans and laboratory animals. When e-cigarettes gave; therefore, engineers developed second-generation technology, which authorizes individuals who vape to inhale more nicotine per use.

Many different individuals from VP, such as freshman Kevin Mendoza and Collin Silva, are unaware of these effects of vape, which could possibly lead to another generation of cancerous citizens. When asked if he knew about the way vape can affect you, Kevin responded, “No, I am not.” However, Kevin knows someone in his life that does vape and he is very concerned. “Well, first of all, I feel that he is putting his life at risk by using the vape. He’s gone under a lot of stress. That’s why I think he’s doing it. I think that he should stop doing it because doing vape won’t help or solve his problems. I think that he should stop doing it because doing vape from friends or, like I said, stress.” Collin Silva, however, has a different point of view on vape, despite the fact that he doesn’t know the harm e-cigs can cause. “Yes, I do know someone that vapes, but I don’t really care about it; I am neutral. I believe our generation does it so they can look cool.” Although the hazards of e-cigarettes will not be seen for 10 to 15 years, vaping is not something that advertisers should make popular.

The purchase of vape pens by minor is illegal in 47 states, which only leads to more kids stealing these poisonous drugs from their parents or guardians. Vaping is most popular in citizens under the age of 40 years old. Four out of ten adults say they began vaping to decrease the usage of cigarettes. "I think it could help people who want to quit smoking, but I don't like when people do it just to do it. These people are the ones who do it because they think they’re cool,” says Madison Goerlinger with a disgusted face. Freshman Korey Hicks states, “I don’t know anyone that vapes, but I think it’s better than smoking because there is no second-hand smoke. All I know is that it can cause lung cancer.” What Korey doesn’t understand is that studies show that even though there were few toxic chemicals released in the vapor of e-cigs, e-cigs can still produce second-hand “smoke”, or vapor, into the air. It seems that most of the freshman who were interviewed had no idea what vape does to an individual; however, a senior at Villa Park, Chasyn McDermott, has a strong opinion about vaping, “I do know someone who vapes and I hate it. It is so bad for them and it is horrible that they are taking in nicotine from it. They do it to look cool because everyone else is doing it. I don’t know the exact effects it can cause, I just know that is it very bad. In my opinion, I don’t like when people do drugs, and I feel like vape is a drug. Basically, I think it is just trashy,” she said with a stern look. High school is known for its social hierarchy; I believe many students use vape because of peer pressure from individuals around them as well as the fact that they think it is healthy for them to use.

Usage of vape can result from parents buying it for their loved ones, peer pressure, or just a pastime. The students I interviewed do not like the presence of users of vape; however, our generation seems to vape more and more as the years pass. There is no acceptable reason for an individual to use something that ultimately kills one’s self. E-cigarettes can cause side effects such as dryness of the body along with cancer. These pens release damaging toxins into the air, despite their sweet smells. Even though the FDA is still evaluating the true facts of vaping, vape is not an escape.

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