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[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen the Spartans of Villa Park find themselves left with some down time from the whirlwind of classes, sports and extracurriculars, many can be found watching their favorite TV shows such as Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, or The Fosters. Widely popular among teens is the hit show Grey’s Anatomy. First airing in 2005, the medical-based drama has recently been more accessible to the younger generations through Netflix streaming. Younger viewers are now able to watch and obsess over the life of character Meredith Grey, played by Ellen Pompeo, as she emerges from a surgical resident to one of the most prominent general surgeons in the United States.  Grey’s Anatomy viewers find themselves attracted to the show for numerous different reasons. Some watch because they simply feel that it is a great show. “It’s amazing. It’s the best show ever invented,” says freshman Nicole Sarkaria as she struggles to find the words to describe her love for the show. Others are interested in the show’s medical aspect. “I started watching it because I want to go to medical school and I have found the show very interesting [in that aspect,]” describes senior Lauren Trent who only began watching the show over summer break but has already found herself deep into season 11. Many have found inspiration in the show including freshman Lauren Enge who declared, “I want to be a doctor now.”

The characters of Grey’s Anatomy are crucial to the show. Cristina Yang, played by Sandra Oh, is a fan favorite. “Cristina is so bitter about life, just like me,” says Lauren Enge who once spent two days straight watching the television series. The unique personalities of each of the characters sometimes makes it hard to pick a favorite, as was the case for Lauren Trent who claimed that “MeridithandDerekandCristina,” was her favorite character. Freshman Miranda Gabrin, tells “[I] like a little bit of everybody’s personalities.”

Many of these characters are no longer on Grey’s Anatomy, which is notorious for killing characters off (spoiler alert). A tear-shedder for most viewers was the death of character George O’Malley, played by T.R. Knight. “I was crying on the inside,” tells Nicole Sarkaria who found George to be one of her favorite characters. During an airplane crash episode, another two characters, McSteamy (Derek) and Lexie, played by Patrick Dempsey and Chyler Leigh, also tore some hearts apart, including that of senior Asher Friedman who says, “Mark dying was really sad.” “I wouldn’t even want to be on the show because I’d probably get killed off,” jokes Lauren Enge. The only characters that remain from the first season are Meredith Grey, Miranda Bailey, played by Chandra Wilson, and Chief Weber, played by James Pickens Jr. Though these were fictional deaths, viewers of the show were angered with the disappearing of their favorite characters.

Despite the drama and heartache caused by the show, it remains popular and viewers continue to be intrigued. “It’s an emotional roller coaster and I am very addicted. It’s suspenseful and sad and happy and everything,” describes Lauren Trent who once watched 25 episodes in a week. The long-running show continues to receive about 9 million viewers per episode and is still one of the most viewed shows today.

Grey’s Anatomy, which is entering it’s 12th season, was created by director and producer Shonda Rhimes. It airs Thursdays on ABC at 8/7c as a part of #TGIT (#THANKGOSHIT’STHURSDAY), which is the nickname of the night where all three of Rhimes’ shows are aired. Aside from Grey’s Anatomy, the award-winning producer is also in charge of the creation of successful TV shows Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder. Her other shows also have found great liking. Senior Amna Siddiqui claims How to Get Away With Murder, which tells the story of a famous defense lawyer and her law firm, is “the best show ever.” The works of Rhimes have greatly impacted television in the last decade. Catch the season premiere of Scandal, How to Get Away With Murder, and Grey’s Anatomy next Thursday on ABC’s #TGIT.

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