[dropcap]D[/dropcap]uring the first season of Supernatural, on the very first episode, brothers Sam and Dean Winchester, sons of a supernatural hunter, witness the murder of their mom as children, then leave their home state of Kansas to help their dad find the demon who killed their mom. Twenty-two years later, Sam is in college trying to block out their dad while Dean still helps with hunting. However, when their dad goes on a hunting trip but doesn’t return, the siblings leave on a hunt of their own: finding their father. At first, Sam was hesitant to come along since he was trying to forget everything, but on their way back to Sam’s college after defeating a woman in white, Sam returns to his dorm to find his girlfriend, Jessica, on the ceiling, murdered the same way his mom was.200_s After the traumatic effects of this killing, Sam joins Dean on the search for their Father, John Winchester, by following the clues in his journal and sending evil and or dark paranormal beings back to where they came from. Ironically, once they start gaining on their fathers trail, more things start to go complicated, such as their father stopping the clues to his whereabouts. After basically being left on their own, the Winchester brothers get more on their plate when Sam starts having visions that come true in the worst way possible. From fighting Bloody Mary to a demonic possessed girl, the boys still stay focused on finding John, and now catching the trail of the demon who killed both Mary, their mother, and Jessica.

While battling creatures, such as vampires, demons, ghosts, and folk legends, Sam and Dean meet and save people while traveling all over the country to find evidence of John. Now on episode twenty, the Winchester brothers go to investigate the death of a fellow vampire hunter, to see none other than their dad. After many arguments and the air being partially cleared between the small family, the three Winchesters go on a search for the demon and the vampire who killed the hunter, chasing an antique gun that will kill the demon as well. Sadly, however, the demon had already gotten there.

supernatural-season-1-jared-padalecki-and-jensen-ackles-34021471-500-347In my opinion, Supernatural is an amazing show with great casting, an enjoyable and entertaining plot, and many twists that will leave the viewer breathless. I see it as a show for people that can handle the maturity of the script and will not be offended easily if the legends are wrong.  The show has been going on for almost twelve years with the new season, season eleven, in the making currently. There’s action, drama, comedy, and much more relatable things in the show and it keeps the watcher wanting more. If I had to rate the show from five stars, it would definitely be a five because you can tell that they put a lot of hard work and effort into filming.  In the end of everything, my person opinions reflect how I feel about this show, but it truly depends on if you can handle tons of blood, being jump-scared, and some death. Happy hunting.

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