There are few things that remain a constant fact in this world: the earth revolves around the sun, there are twenty-four hours in a day, and photos remain still. That is, unless one downloads the clever free app called Phhhoto. Setting up an account is the simplest and best decision one could possibly make, and the possibilities are infinite. With the tap of a button, the Phhhoto camera takes five pictures in rapid succession and strings them together in a continuous loop to appear as if the photo and its subjects are stirring, providing endless entertainment. All around the world, incredibly creative people are catching on to this growing trend, and for good reason. Erin McCurry, water-polo-playing sophomore says, “Yes, I’d recommend Phhhoto to a friend! It’s such a cool way to express your photography and how creative you are. I’ve had my account for over a year, and I love the filters- they really add something new to the phhhotos. Last month, each day’s filter was inspired by a different ice cream flavor.”

The pride in taking a good stationary photo is one thing, but one that moves is another. There are so many people and things to Phhhoto - the options are endless! The most popular (that we’ve noticed) are taking a pair of sunglasses on and off or holding up a peace sign.

Miranda Moore, a sweet freshman, also adores the app. “I love to take phhhotos in the car, especially because that makes for nice movement, or at home, to show my life. I honestly love the app, because it’s not just a simple picture or video, but a mix of both. My favorite features are the different daily effects because it adds spark, pizzazz. I use it about once a day, but not a lot of people have it, so I don’t go on it a lot.”

Junior varsity golf player, Audrey Smith, has been a master of Phhhoto for a while now. “I like Phhhoto because you get to take four photos in one post! I can never get enough of it- I am always trying to think of the best phhhoto.”

Jandy Le, an intelligent and funny sophomore, comments, "I use it often, because I enjoy looking at others’ creativity, since there are so many different ways to use it. The #wow section is my favorite, because I can look at mind-blowing gifs from people around the world. I like it because it’s definitely different from still pictures.”

It’s human nature to want to capture the beauty and the simple joys laid before the eye. Phhhoto captures the little moments that are simply too sweet not to document. Jump behind this fantastic craze and behind the lens of your camera, because this app is not something to miss!

For some of you already Phhhoto users, here are some crrreative ideas to try:

  • Try using the flash in creative ways by turning it on or off for some of the photos taken during the burst of five.
  • Anything with mirrors
  • Black and white with minimal lighting
  • Change the capture frequency of the camera and playback frame by using a special two fingered screen hand position. Make a peace sign with two fingers and twist 180 degrees and release.
  • Spray paint
  • Any lights that can turn on and off easily
  • Different facial expression using eyes/eyebrows
  • Hold still: focuses the main part of the phhhoto and stops lessens the extra background movement.

By Olivia Meis and Casey Paul

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