Love is in the Air

Valentine's Day is coming up, and what is the most romantic day of the year without the perfect mix of songs to show that  person you love how you truly feel? With perfect upbeat tunes like "Sugar," "Eight Days a Week," "Teenage Dream," and "I Always Knew," it is sure to put a smile on your face while you are spending the day with who you care about. If you are interested in finding lyrics that describe how you feel, "Give Me Love," "Something," and "The Gambler" have meaningful lyrics that can relate to your special someone, or just a simple crush you may have. Music is perfect for any occasion, and on a holiday as special as Valentine's day it is important to have all factors of the day be perfect. Whether you are in love or lovesick, this mix should get you through February 14th with a smile on your face. V-Day Playlist:

  1. Sugar - Maroon 5
  2. Eight Days a Week- The Beatles
  3. Rhythm of Love - Plain White T's
  4. My Girl - The Temptations
  5. Layla - Eric Clapton
  6. Rewind - Goldspot
  7. Going Away to College - Blink 182
  8. Teenage Dream - Katy Perry
  9. God Only Knows - The Beach Boys
  10. Cigarette Daydreams - Cage the Elephant
  11. I Want Crazy - Hunter Hayes
MusicStephanie Terando