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[dropcap]Dreams. Everyone has them. Whether in forms of goals or aspirations, dreams drive us to succeed in life. A common dream by most people is to become famous in one way or another. The ultimate popularity platform, everyone has that dream of walking down the red carpet in an elegant gown or tux with fans screaming and paparazzi shooting away. Interviewers and journalists vying for the attention of some of the most notable people in the world. So, if you could be famous would you?[/dropcap]

According to junior Sam Ramirez, “No, I like my privacy. People seem overwhelmed when they're famous. If anything, I would want to be a famous sports player because they don’t get as much drama and attention but they still get paid for doing what they love.” Others, like freshman Zoe Tapie explains, “Yes, I would like to be famous because I could travel, but I would only want to be famous if I were rich.”

Along with celebrities, a new phenomenon has slowly caught the attention of several people around the world. “I think YouTube is slowly taking over the world. When YouTube first started it was a huge deal to get a million views and now it’s so normal, anyone can get a million. I think some YouTubers such as Tyler Oakley and Grace Helbig are considered celebrities. Grace has her own TV show and Tyler is appearing on billboards and buses all over the United States,” sophomore Bianca Olson, an avid YouTube watcher, explains.

It has been ten years since the actual release of YouTube onto the internet, and YouTubers are reaching fame levels of regular celebrities. You can find them in movies, day time television, magazines, on billboards, on tour and several have written their own best-selling books. YouTubers are slowly merging with the popularity of celebrities. When asked if it was unfair that YouTubers got their start on a website rather than celebrities, Bianca Olson states that “I don't think it’s unfair because YouTubers have to work so hard to get where they are, also. What did Kim Kardashian do to get famous? The most subscribed person on YouTube is PewDiePie with over 40 million subscribers. He’s successful because he never fails to post a new video every day.” YouTubers are getting paid as much as celebrities as well as getting that widespread attention that most celebrities get. Going to red carpet events, hosting award shows, yes, YouTubers may not be as famous as Taylor Swift yet, but they are slowly climbing that ladder of popularity.

YouTube is a community. Ordinary people sit in front of a camera and document their lives. They share their stories with the world, inspiring and entertaining generations. YouTube connects the world. People from around the globe can bond by obsessing over YouTubers. The only difference from actual celebrities that they have is that they started out on YouTube. And that may not even be a difference. Justin Bieber, Austin Mahone, Tori Kelly, Pentatonix, Shawn Mendez; they were all discovered on YouTube. YouTube is a platform that you can literally view anything on. Some of the most random videos have outrageous numbers of views.

“I think YouTube is the best platform to become famous because anyone can become famous. You don’t have to be beautiful or hot, you just have to speak your mind and have fun with it,” states Bianca Olson. On YouTube you post videos for yourself. Bethany Mota turned to YouTube to help her self-medicate after dark times in her life. Tyler Oakley posted videos as a way to stay connected with his high school friends. Like most celebrities, they did not ask to be famous; in fact, it was the last thing on their minds. They just sat in front of a camera and spoke their minds to the world.

People on YouTube are becoming more and more famous every day. The dedication that they give to their viewers is amazing. They love what they are doing, and they are slowly conquering the world. Hearing what these ordinary people, like you and me, have to say about the same struggles that we go through in our lives is inspiring and encouraging. Sometimes YouTube is the only way students survive the day. Youtubers are just as influential as celebrities, maybe even more to some. A platform to learn and watch about music, video games, beauty tips, lifestyle tips, life tips, and just pure fun, YouTube offers something that everyone can love.

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