Get Your Work Done, You Will Always Have Time

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]here are 168 hours in a full 7-day week; therefore, only 120 hours in a school week, a regular 5-day week. Time management is a real problem especially for those who tend to procrastinate or over commit and attend too many events during the limited 168 hours he or she has. Students have some of the hardest schedules out of everyone: balancing school, family, and social life. Bombarded with plentiful amounts of homework and projects as well as studying for all of their classes, they definitely have their plates full. "My time management is pretty bad. I usually tell myself at school that I'm going to get all this work done as soon as I get home... and then it's 10 pm and I'm wondering, what's my homework?" sophomore Zach Silberman describes.

Normally, many exhausted students arrive at home and decide to do time wasting activities rather than complete the work assigned to them, pushing aside the fact they need to complete it sometime that day, that week, or that month. "I procrastinate until about 11 o'clock and then fall asleep on my homework, and wake up at 4 am. Then, I tend to go back to sleep and just do my homework on the bus ride to school in the morning or in the class before it's due," states sophomore Carter Brandwood. With this type of approach towards school, students will most definitely feel the stress, it's OKAY to have a good time away from a hefty workload, constant procrastination will only bring people down further into a night of stress and regret.

However, there are few individuals who use their valuable time to get their work done on time rather than at midnight. This is why they perform substantially better in their classes. "I'm the kind of person who finds accomplishment in finishing the assigned homework before the bell rings or significantly before the due date in general. I didn't how much extra time I really had compared to my peers until freshman year when I got into a debate with Mr. Hunt over the importance of reading for leisure (he thinks it is a waste of time while I believe it's super beneficial). After I told him that almost every night I read for leisure before I go to sleep (around 9:30), he told me I was 'different than the rest,' the odd one out. My friends also compliment me on my efficiency. Some of the extra time goes to volleyball practice, and the rest to reading/watching TV/sleeping at a reasonable hour. I guess having time for myself relieves me of stress," junior Emily Condon addresses.

Finishing assignments beforehand is greatly beneficial. Instead of using valuable time for social events and putting off important work, people can succeed by prioritizing. Do what needs to be done first and then you have all the time in the world to do what you want.


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