Do You Save Water?

[dropcap]C[/dropcap]alifornia is running low on an essential component of life that keeps this state running: H2O. The drought has been going on for years, but Californians have just begun to recognize the situation and prevent our drought from becoming worse than it already it. The state has officially reached the dryest it’s been for 500 years and it’s just now starting to worry California’s residents. However, there are also many households and individuals unaware of the problem and have not taken any extra measures to save water. How many people are saving water? Orange County resident, Haleigh Emerick, shares her experiences and techniques with conserving water after learning of the seriousness of the drought. “I shower with a bucket,” she states smiling. “I turn on shower and put the bucket under the spout so it catches all the cold water I don’t use anyway, and then I carry the buckets downstairs to my front yard and water my grass.” Haleigh is not afraid to show her dedication, and how willing she is to sacrifice her time and strength to go the extra mile and utilize unused water. “[My family] also washes our cars on our grass so the leftover water goes straight to the grass.” Although these seem like small ways of saving water, every change Haleigh’s family makes could go a long way in slowly getting rid of this drought.

Many others, however, reluctantly said no when asked if they had began to save water after hearing about the severity of the drought. Miranda Gabrin, responded, “Uhh… yeah, not really. The thought has always been in the back of my head about saving water, I just haven’t ever taken the initiative to actually do something about it.” When asked about what would convince her to start saving water, Miranda responded, “I know it’s bad but if or when it comes to the point when the drought is affecting my daily life like taking a shower, then I think I will realize how bad the situation has become.” This could be due to the fact that since the drought is not directly affecting most people in California currently, many individuals are unable to see the damage actually being made visually. Four other girls on campus responded in the same way. “Oh dear, I wish I was better about saving water. I would start changing, probably, if it came down to money. There’s talk about about big fines for over usage of water and I wouldn’t want to make my family pay that,” freshman, Lauren Enge, says with a shy smile.

Many are also ill-informed about the consequences of the drought and how it will truly affect California in due time. Others fear that there will be a fine for an over usage of water, however, many believe that this cost will cause them to begin to start changing and begin conserving. “If the government actually started enforcing mandatory cutbacks and it was directly affecting me [in that way], then I would be like ‘Oh, wait, I should actually start saving water,” senior Cecilia Morales admits. There should be something done about the people who don’t feel the need to save water, and maybe water fines would do the trick.

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