Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is a new movie that premiered March 25, 2016. This was directed by Zack Synder. It start Ben Affleck as Batman and Henry Cavill as Superman. It runs about 2 and a half hours long and full of action and surprises. Despite the negative reviews from the critics, the fans seem to approve of this first cinematic meeting of the two iconic heroes. There were many Batman and Superman fans in attendance for this sequel to Man of Steel, released in 2013. The story picks up 18 months after the events of Man of Steel. Metropolis has been devastated and the world is dealing with the revelation of aliens. The world is still unsure of Superman's motives and fearful of his abilities. Batman sees him as a threat, however, there is a bigger threat to the safety of the world. Psychotic super genius, Lex Luthor, is developing his own weapon to destroy Superman.

Batman v Superman is unlike any other superhero movie out now. DC has decided to take a different approach than Marvel with their comic book universe. The tone is much darker and deals with more serious themes. You won't find many one-liners or quips and very little humor. What you will find is a multi layered story with complicated characters. Because of this, people are either going to love it or hate it. It's certainly one of the least kid-friendly comic book movies out there.

The film includes many new characters and quite a few surprises. Ben Affleck does an impressive job as the new Batman. He is a more jaded and brutal Batman, which can be a turn-off for fans of the Nolan trilogy or the more common interpretations of Batman. However, Batfleck is totally believable. His fight scenes are well choreographed and more like the Arkham video games. You will believe that a man could actually defeat a god through sheer willpower. Another highlight is Wonder Woman, played by Gal Gadot. She is certainly no damsel in distress, pretty much smiling in the face of danger and holding her own against the big boys. A real kick-butt female superhero, her appearance in the climatic battle steals the show. Without giving away too many spoilers, BvS also has some franchise building surprises. Comic book fans should be excited to see what's in store.

However, BvS is not a perfect movie. With all of the above going for it, what could possibly go wrong? Some complaints have been that it is too long. At 2 and a half hours, you have to invest a bit of your time. For me, it's not a big deal, I feel as though I'm going to get my money's worth, and I am looking forward to seeing the 30-minute longer director's cut when it is released on blu-ray. My complaint was the editing, it seems the movie often jumped from one scene to the next very abruptly, something that could be fixed with the director's cut.

The rest of the hate the film has received is undeserved, though. "It's not fun," critics have said. Maybe not when compared to the Marvel films, but it does have it's moments. Especially when you consider that the movie is rated lower than the garbage of Thor 1&2, and Iron Man 2&3. Besides Loki, Marvel has consistently put out generic villains in their movies. The last two Iron Man films, maybe they had too much fun and the story then became secondary.

Anyway, give the film a shot. Don't go in expecting a Marvel movie as they have taken different approaches. It should, at least, get you excited about the possibilities.

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Story By: Anna Hayashida