The world we live in today is full of technology. It can be very useful, and has, for the most part, improved the convenience of everyday life. No matter who we are, we all use it in one way or another. Whether we enjoy playing video games, using social media such as Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, or simply watching TV, we all have our own reasons for doing so. Most teenagers end up spending a lot of time with technology, but does too much really affect what grades students will achieve in School?  First, I conducted a interview with two of my friends, Scott Schaefer and John Doyle, avid fans of video games and computers, who have very split personalities when it comes to playing video games, and using other technology. "I don't believe I need a time limit when it comes to using the computer, because I can still get good grades in my classes while spending a lot of my free time on my computer. My grades probably wouldn't be much better, even if I cut down on the time I spend on my computer. I've tried to spend less time on the computer and my grades didn't improve much even after doing so. So, electronic devices probably don't affect my grades as much as some people might suspect." When asked about when he does his homework, Scott stated that he does his homework as soon as he gets home from school, but doesn't study as much as he probably should. "My parents don't bother me too much being on the computer, as they are satisfied with the grades I already get, even though I use it very often." Finally, I asked him if he would change his pattern or schedule any time soon in the future. He responded with the answer, "I could afford to study more and put more time into schoolwork, and this would probably make me a better student."

John, in many ways, is the complete polar opposite of Scott. He actually believes that he should give himself a time limit, unlike Scott. "I value school too much to spend all my time on technology," he states. "I also don't think if I stopped playing video games, it would make my grades any better, because I still put lots of effort into my homework and study habits. I only use technology in my free time that I have after doing my homework." "When do I do my homework? Well, I start on the bus, and if I can't finish there, I do it at home straight after taking a nap." John also stated that his parents are on his case very often about being on the computer too long, and usually don't let him stay on for more than an hour. "It's probably a good thing though, as they make sure that I don't spend too much time on it." "My schedule is okay so far," John stated, "but later in the school year I might have to change up my habits and reserve more time to study. Lately, I've been doing much better in school ever since I've been using the computer less and I'm in Honors classes now."

After interviewing the two students, I decided to interview the parent of a student who used technology: my own mother. "I think that the use of technology in today's environment provides students with a wealth of knowledge. Students have, at their fingertips, access to anything they would want to learn about." "The problem with having so many choices of technology, though, is that they can make it more difficult to focus on homework and studying." I also asked her about her opinion on limitations of technology. "I believe that without any limits on the amount of time a student uses electronic devices every day, it is hard to keep track of time and make school work a priority. Students need time to themselves when they get home, but not for more than an hour. After that, they should get all their homework done, and they can freely spend their time however they choose without having to worry about any homework."

Technology is great and useful, but sometimes, it can interfere with what is more important, like school. This is why it is important to find a balance between school and electronics, and everything else throughout your life. This way, you can live a life enjoying technology, and do well with your grades at the exact same time. When all else fails, school is always going to be more important. As long as one evens them out, a student's life won't be too difficult.

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