AtYpiCal ReVieW

images (1)One of the newest additions to the Netflix Originals family is the television series Atypical. This witty, bright, and educating tv show is centered around the thoughts and struggles of a teenage boy in the spectrum, who is trying to land himself a girl. In the show the main character, Sam Gardner, is a student in high school, and is on the spectrum. Like most teenage boys, his goal in high school is to get laid. However, being on the spectrum can make things quite hard socially, especially talkingAtypical-s1e10 to girls. The show goes through his emotional process of trying to figure out love, and even what love means. His family and sister help him out along the way, but it proves to be quite a difficult journey. The series is directed by Michael Patrick Jann, Seth Gordon, and Joe Kessler who do an amazing job of bringing the show all together as one cohesive unit.The cast includes Jennifer Jason Leigh, Keir Gilchrist, Brigette Lundy-Paine, Michael Rapaport, Amy Okuda, and many other well casted actors who were netflix-atypical-a-step-back-large-5perfect for the parts. The show is absolutely fantastic mostly because it's so straightforward. There aren’t any superficial lines, or actors; there is just real life situations, and real life conversations between the characters. That’s why when you watch the show you become encaptured by the writer's ability to create such real scenes that don’t add any extra parts to the show, or the characters. In my opinion, one of the problems with television today is that they are images-1 (1)making all of the scenes so unreal, and that way people aren't able to relate toshows on today’s network. Netflix did an amazing job with choosing the subject of their next show because nobody ever has dealt with autism on television before, or at least done it right. I think it's so educating for people tounderstand what it means for someone to be on the spectrum, so that they can use that knowledge when they meet someone like that and they can know how to react and understand what that person is going through. I think that a lot of times people overlook, or treat people on the spectrum differently and I think that atypical does an 3-3amazing job of bringing that subject to light in a way that people can understand, and laugh with the characters, and really just enjoy the overall experience. The show doesn’t just bring you laughs, it teaches you to respect and understand the families of the people on the spectrum, and the people themselves.