10 Things I Hate About You

vlcsnap-2012-12-19-22h52m47s215A film produced in 1999 is about two girls that are sisters and live completely different types of lives. The younger sister Bianca Stratford plays the character of a young girl in high school who just wants to party and have fun. Her older sister Kat Stratford plays a stuck up snob who thinks she is better than everyone else and is a try hard in school as well as a “know it all” type of person. f6ebe2d4e105a2ddc84c96545b683323Throughout the movie the two sisters are just bumping heads because of their two different personalities. I am not sure when because it did not say but at some point in the girls lives their mother left the family without a reason and they became who they are. The father of these two sisters Walter Stratford is a well know businessman who is very successful in what he does. But he has his flaws to because after his wife leaving him he is torn up inside and becomes very protective over his daughters.

julia-stiles-kat-stratford-10-things-i-hate-about-youWhatever Kat does Bianca is allowed to as well but if Kat doesn’t feel up to doing it then Bianca just has to miss out. Example throughout most the movie Bianca was chasing two guys because she wanted a boyfriend but she could not have one unless her older sister got one as well. Like I said before Kat her sister is stuck up and thinks she is better than everyone else so she won’t even think about dating. Bianca doesn’t like this and the movie gets pretty chaotic from there.

CameronTowards the end of the movie Kat comes out to her sister and explains what she does and why she does it, basically to protect her little sister. They are in a dispute about it and non goes well but it’s not long before that turns around and the sisters are each other's best friends. All and all even though I was forced to watch it by a group of girls it was still a pretty good, funny, and appropriate movie.     

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