What is your most valuable lesson learned this year?

This year, just like every year, has brought many lessons to the students here at Villa Park High School. We went around asking about the most valuable lessons learned this year. The responses we received are important because we can all benefit from each other's lessons. "My most valuable lesson learned this year was to always have fun and enjoy the little moments because senior year goes by fast." - Chasyn McDermott

"My most valuable lesson learned is to not procrastinate. This year I would wait until the last minute to do homework and projects." - Hailey Osborne

"My most valuable lesson learned this year is that things may not always work out the way we want them to, but they always seem to in the end." - Maddie Cinco

"Trying new things can be fun and exciting. Youth doesn't last very long and it's not something you can relive; just don't make any permanent mistakes you'll regret." - Roselle Ardosa

"I learned that 'Failing to plan is a plan for failure.'" - Mr. Hunt

"I learned to focus more on getting work done early rather than procrastinating." - Jacob Aspling

"My most valuable lesson learned would probably be to always do what you think is right, not what others tell you is right." - Zane Ketterer

"The lesson I learned is to always try your hardest. Even the smallest assignments can make the biggest difference in your grade that you recieve at the end of the semester." - Amanda Riebe

"As a Villa Park Spartan, there are many things you can learn through your peers, teachers, and even what just happens around you. The one thing I hold dearest to me are the friends I've made and the good deeds I've done to those that deserve it and those that may not. The reason for doing so is to build character and that' the most important part about attending high school and making friends. With a solid base, you can't build house big enough to hold all the fun and interesting about you." - Josh Marquez