Villa Park: School of the Century?

[dropcap]B[/dropcap]uilt in 1964, Villa Park High School quickly became the premiere school of the Orange County School District. With success in academics, athletics, and student body, the high school has produced 5 decades of proud alumni. Despite this history of greatness, there is a storm on the horizon of VPHS’s legacy: the torrents of time.  In reality, the campus of Villa Park has not been redone on a full level as other campuses in the surrounding area, such as Foothill, Yorba Linda, or Esperanza. Despite the promises of Measure K, Villa Park campus has changed little from its glory days. The golden luster has now rusted on the campus, and this effect has caused a decline in school spirit that was once so highly revered by Spartans. In a poll recently taken by Villa Park students, only 65% of students recognized their school as the best in Century League: a little under two thirds! Popular complaints of the campus are that the T-buildings need to be replaced with a legitimate buildings, the gym (closer to a hotbox in the summer) needs to be revamped for health and practical reasons, and the cracked concrete needs to be fixed for a more “modern looking school”. One junior when asked about the school’s appearance didn’t hesitate to respond “Crappy”. Although recently, Measure K was dedicated to fixing the schools in OUSD, the plan proved to be a pipe dream, and extremely flawed. “Measure K wasn’t a well thought out plan. Yes, Villa Park needs to be fixed up, but it doesn’t need to be at the level that it was. It was a 1 billion dollar grant over an amount of years. A lot of citizens didn’t know or understand where their money was going. Another issue is that the state doesn’t handle taxpayer dollars very well in the first place . When you look around and see constant work being done, that’s all the taxpayers' money. My dad sees where taxpayer dollars go because the state doesn’t keep them after they ‘expire’,” lamented an anonymous student. Measure K is an unreachable goal; although, it provided the sensation of possible success, Villa Park remains almost practically the same.

Despite a common issue with the campus from students, Spartans abroad still love their home. “I love Villa Park, we’re one big happy family and we all care about each other no matter what.” stated Erin McCurry, Sophomore. Erin was not alone on the topic of our Spartan love, “Well, I like VP because I found new friends and people that can make me happy and some teachers are awesome and you get to know new people every day!” sophomore Hazel Vallejo, stated smiling.

While student support for their school is still relatively high, it is important to keep a high level of status within the Century League. The students that attend Villa Park are Grade A in whatever task they dedicate themselves to, and have proven that for over 50 years now. “The students at Villa Park are the most welcoming, amiable, and genuine people you will ever meet”, defended Tyler Nguyen, sophomore. Despite the quality of the students, the campus quality has remained only average, and with the clock ticking away, how much longer will it be until Villa Park can shake the rust shrouding itself and return the golden legacy it truly deserves?