The Writing Club

[dropcap custom_class="normal"]Welcome to Villa Park's writing club, a place of expression and freedom for all students on campus. The club's president, Brandon Ngo, brought back the writing club for all the writers on campus. "It’s sophomore year, and I have had really no time to write. Dedicating at least twenty minutes to writing during practically the only free time I have is better than not writing at all. I decided to reinstate the writing club this year, because I’m sure others are in my predicament as well."[/dropcap]

He can be found writing down his thoughts as the day goes by pretty much anywhere on campus. "My friends Amy and Sydney (they’re part of Villa Park’s writing board as well; I absolutely adore them ) gave me writing journals, and I just scribble in random thoughts throughout the day. It can be serene to reflect back on the past, so yeah, writing is definitely a stress reliever for me."

The club will meet every other Friday in Mr. Castro's room (802) once the initial start date is chosen. "During our meetings, we’d be mainly free writing and sharing our writing. It’s just a way for a group of people to exchange ideas and feedback to help our members become better writers, and people in general. I also plan on our club to do something encouraging for students schoolwide. Stay tuned."

Personally, Brandon enjoys writing for a number of reasons which also fueled him to restore the club back into student life on campus.

[blockquote]"Life moves on, whether we'd like it to move on or not. Character development takes its toll on all of us, and it's important to see us progress on who we are as an individual. I have written about love, hate, and even an equilibrium of the two; all of them represent me at certain times in my life. Writing has always been one of the ways I find solace and security at moments in my life that are dull and/or amazing. Nothing has made me feel more at ease than writing... [My favorite kind of writing is r]omantic poetry. Definitely romantic poetry."[/blockquote]

This organization is for our student body to have an opportunity to become better writers in a group of peers with infinite freedom. Sensitive topics come up in every class but most of the time you can get away with not having to go into depth about these kinds of ideas. When asked about writing about sensitive topics for classes, Brandon responded with an example of one of his experiences. "You know, I think love is something I write about quite too often. And it's not like I've truly been in love with someone either. Keyword truly. I've written so many stories and poems over this one person I've been infatuated with for the longest time. It's alright now, and I'm over it, but that was a period in my life that sparked a lot of emotions I put into my writing. "

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