Spooky House

[dropcap]G[/dropcap]rowing up as a child, I always loved Halloween. The costumes and decorations all over neighborhoods make me feel so happy that everyone loves to participate in this fun holiday. Usually people have traditions on Halloween like going trick-or-treating or hosting a party or even just staying home and watching Halloween story, but my tradition is a little different… static1.squarespaceMy mother is very artistic and creative; she loves to make small things bigger, and even bigger things bigger! She likes to have the outstanding look that people cannot stop looking at, so that’s what she did. Since the year I was born, 2001, my mom has always decorated our house. At first, it started with cobwebs and fake tooth stones on the grass. It wasn’t that big of a deal back then, she just wanted to participate in this fun event and she did and she started small. As she got older and the years passed by, she would add something new to every Halloween. No matter how much money it was when she saw something spectacular and spooky, she bought it no matter what the cost was. Now the house is amazing; when you walk up to the door, to your right is tube stones with fake blood on them, fake dead zombies hanging from the tree, a mummy standing with strobe lights around it (gives you a huge headache), and even fake hands stuck into the ground to look like they are arriving from the dead. To the left is more tube stones the doll, Chuckie, is in the window with the fake sword in his hand with more strobe lights; it is very creepy, but that’s just when you walk up. When you reach the door, there is a fake Jason is censored so when DSC_5394you walk past it, it moves and gives you a tiny screen cut because you’re not expecting it and much more. At night, everything is glowing and it just looks like a haunted house in a way. It was so good and well decorated, people would stop and take pictures of our house and in 2007, our house was in the newspaper for “Most Decorative Halloween House” in our county and my mom couldn’t have been happier.

My mom enjoys this tradition very much; not only her, but my dad and I always enjoy looking at the house when it’s finally done. Who knows what it’s going to be new on the house this year! I’m very excited to see what is going to be and hopefully she continues the tradition until her last breath.