Spartans on Homecoming

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]chool dances. They come and go, but what it means to you makes it special or not. Some plan months ahead and others just let it blow right by. The proposals, the dresses, the pictures, it all adds up to one thing, homecoming. To Brett Rabun, Sophomore, "[h]omecoming is a time to spend an awesome night with someone you want and maybe love or it can be with a group of friends. It doesn't matter as long as you make it special." Some agree and others have quite the opposite of opinions, such as Jandy Le, also a sophomore. "It's a dance that girls get way too crazy about because they all want a guy to ask them, and it seems the proposal is more exciting than the actual dance... Also it's the dance I'm never going to get asked to!"  The proposal. It might be the most heavily documented part of homecoming. You can finally ask the girl you've always wanted to to be your date. And everyone's in on it. By the time you get from your locker to the person you're asking, there's an entire paparazzi following you to your final destination. You can barely speak because you're so nervous and this is a stretch even for you or the excitement fuels your confidence. Our sophomore class Vice President, Sydney Strupp stated that to her, "[h]omecoming means staying at home with my friends having more fun than I ever would at some dance." One of our varsity cheerleaders, Haylie Munda said, "I think that it'd be fun to go for the experience, but honestly I think it seems overrated. I would rather do a lot of other things, but it would be fun to go once just to experience it." Frankie Galuppo has a very positive opinion about the entire ordeal. "Homecoming is a night where you can escape your stressful reality by having fun with all your friends. It is a night that you can dress up and feel confident as you take pictures and dance; even if it's just for one night you feel special and beautiful. Homecoming gets you excited about the new school year and all the memories you're about to make. Whether you're a freshman buying a dance dress and heels for the first time, waiting to be asked by your crush or a senior who is sad this one will be their last homecoming, it is a night where everyone forgets about cliques, grades, and the general struggle of school. Everybody comes together in our hot gym and has a good time." Homecoming whether it be bad or good in your eyes, what does it mean to you?