Presidential Race

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]ith about eight months until the 2016 Presidential Election, different students of Villa Park High School had various opinions of each individual candidate. One freshman, Andy Wen, spoke his opinion on the race, "I think Trump vs. Sanders will be the end-game, but Sanders will win." As of current polls, Donald Trump appears to be leading the Republican presidential polls, while democrat, Hilary Cliton, leads the opposing party. With Andy's belief in democratic Bernie Sanders, he said, "He is going to do everything he said, but it's not going to work, and destroy our economy, or it could end up being successful." The future economy of the United States seems to be cloudy, as many around campus believe that different presidencies with result in drastic changes to the flow of the nation's economy. Another student at Villa Park, Kelly Kwon, believes that Hilary Cliton will win the presidential race, and "bring higher income to the middle class, increase minimum wage, lower healthcare/college costs, and support undocumented immigrants in the US to become legal residents, etc." With issues in debt, war with ISIS, and the controversial problems of immigration, each individual president has brought different opinions to the table on these various topics. Freshman, Sean Jansky, said that "Donald Trump can be very offensive, but he's straight to the point, and maybe that's something we need for our country."

Another controversial topic in politics at the moment is gun control. When asked of his personal opinion on the topic, student Justin Homer stated that he believes "Marco Rubio would be the most efficient when it comes to gun control." The majority of the presidential candidates have altering opinions on how guns should be managed, and is an interesting topic to see resolved in the end. With lots of time still remaining in the presidential race of 2016, it is unclear who will provide the most benefit for the United States.

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