Love Around The World

We all know how our Valentine's Day is primarily for couples and the more romantic side of love, characterized by sweet and festive cards, chocolate dressed in fine boxes and dozens of roses as couples dine at fancy restaurants or have a more intimate home-cooked meal. However, this day of love has been adopted all round the round and in is celebrated in al sorts of ways. Valentine's Day in Japan

Japanese Valentine's Day is near opposite to ours because in Japan it is the women who give chocolate. There are two main types of chocolate that are given out; there is eve a step down from this, cho giri choco, which is given to those the women feels that she has to. Honmei chico is chocolate that might be made by women to give to their boyfriends or husbands. Another difference is that on March 14th, one month after a women gives honmei chico, it is the man's turn to return the favor with gifts of chocolate or flowers. This is called White Day, therefore, the chocolate they usually give is white.

Valentine's Day in Korea

Their Valentine's Day is very similar to Japan's in that women give chocolate on February 14th and the men return those gifts the following month, however, in Korea, there is also a day celebrated on April 14th called Black Day, this is when all those who are single "mourn"  their relationship status.

Valentine's Day in Mexico 

In Mexico, Valentine's day is advertised by flower , balloons, and chocolate, though, as widely as it is here. And although couples still go out on special dates, Valentine's Day is a day for all loved ones, meaning family and friends. In fact, February 14th is often called "dia de amor y amistad" which means "day of love and friendship."

Valentine's Day in France

There was once a tradition called "use loterie d'amour", for this, men and women would enter opposite houses that were facing each other and call out to each other until they were paired off. However, if the man didn't like the women they were with, they would simply leave them. At the end, the women who didn't get matched gathered and made a bonfire, throwing pictures pictures of the men who scorned them into the flames, and it was because of that the French government banned that tradition.

Valentine's Day in Norfolk, England

Unlike other parts of England, Norfolk has a tradition of a Valentine's Day Santa. often called "Jack Valentine", this love santa would mysteriously leave sweets or gifts for children on their doorsteps on Valentine's Eve.

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