Is the Vape Life the Safe Life?

E-cigs, vape pens, and Hookah, the all new way that teens can ruin their future. The e-cig was created in 2003 in Beijing, China by Hon Lik. He intended them to be used to transfer chain smokers off normal cigarettes to something less severe, but gives the similar feeling of spewing out smoke and inhaling toxic chemicals. People soon realized there was money to be made in this field and began to advertise it to young teens and adults by not mentioning all of the negative side affects and gave it flavors such as chocolate cake and cherry. Although there are many positive qualities for vape pens, there are almost as many negative qualities in turn. First of all, FDA or Federal Drug Association does not regulate them yet which means that the shop owner can choose whether minors can buy vape pens. Vape can be used as a gateway to smoking, or any drug in general. Once a person gets bored of vaping they will most likely move onto something with a stronger effect or even something that can lead to fatality. I strongly believe that vape is subliminally advertised towards the younger generations because of how the media portrays vape to be harmless and only revealing the basic ingredients, not the thousands of chemicals in the e-juice.

The upside of e-cigs is that they are supposed to help recovering smokers get off of smoking but instead are abused by bored teenagers. The companies that make these e-cigarettes have tried to make a direct market towards teens, young adults, and even children because of the flavors made available. A recovering smoker isn’t really looking for all of these flavors, but the younger generation is. It appeals to them. Vape has no calories so kids can “happily” enjoy these e-cigarettes and sweets at the same time! Isn’t that just fantastic. Although, some of the particular juices allow the ability to choose the nicotine level put in the juice. This feature is for smokers who want to slowly lower their nicotine level and eventually quit smoking. But of course, the teenagers and other abusers use it as an excuse because it’s not as addicting so therefore it isn’t bad for you. The funny thing is that the companies that make the e-cigarettes are not legally obligated to release the ingredients of the juice or vape pens.  

When I began speaking to some of my friends about vapin they seemed a bit confused. One person in particular said, “Vape is not even bad for you, only if you use zero nic.” What he is saying is that vape is perfectly fine for our body if you use juice with no nicotine in it. I asked him if he was aware of the thousands of chemicals in it. He responded with, “That’s only if you use nicotine, bud.” I just looked at him, shook my head and looked away because I didn’t want to spark any arguments. But eventually, I told him that the chemicals haven’t been released yet and we’ll all figure out what’s in it in about ten years. He got offended and left the room because he thought vape was 100% safe. I guess not.