Have a Great Summer!

  Hello, my name is Emily Cook and I managed this website for my 2015-2016 Senior Project. Thank you so much for reading and contributing throughout this entire school year, I really appreciate it. I had a lot of fun learning how to manage a website and post interesting things three times a week and I hope it showed. We had our ups and downs with getting content posted that was both interesting and on time, but in the end, we never posted something we weren’t proud of- and I’m proud of that. We took our views for each kind of story into account and posted things that our readers would find interesting, but also made sure to diversify the authors and the content uploaded.

I would also like to thank my team this year- Zoe Metoyer, Jenna Norton, Olivia Meis, and Phil Arroyo for helping me keep up my project and for helping me maintain a site that I couldn’t have ever imagined running. Zoe often collected submissions, organized them and posted a majority of our content- she was the backbone of this website. Jenna took pictures and allowed me to “pass the baton” onto her by teaching her log in details and how to post and find interesting content and I hope she continues this through the next year. The amazing Olivia ran our social media and updated the public each and every time there was a new post. Phil came in once a week and as one of my mentors showed all of us how to successfully and efficiently make the Iliad something amazing one step at a time. I am very grateful and honored to have worked with such amazing and talented people.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who was featured on this website for submitting such incredible content that we are honored to post. We had a wide spectrum of content this year and it helped keep the site interesting. Spartans are remarkable, and I hope that we conveyed that through our website.

Unfortunately, this is our last post of the school year, but the Iliad will be up and running next year and hopefully increases in views, content and love each and every year! Good luck with your finals, Spartans and thank you for one amazing year!