Gypsy Den

[dropcap]C[/dropcap]laiming to be Orange County’s original “alternative” cafe, the Gypsy Den serves up food and coffee inspired by a Bohemian, holistic lifestyle. With locations in Santa Ana, Anaheim, and in Costa Mesa at the LAB Anti-mall, it has spread its roots to serve a large portion of Orange County. I had the pleasure of dining here over break, specifically at the Costa Mesa location. On a rainy Tuesday morning, the parking lot was empty and easily accessible, and there was no wait for a table, as we easily seated ourselves. The service was quick and kind, and our waiter was helpful in explaining the menu. I ordered the breakfast sandwich with seasonal fruit, and my two friends ordered the chorizo burrito and spinach omelet scramble. Although the wait for our food seemed long for how empty the restaurant was, it was tasty, and the portions were a reasonable size. I was slightly disappointed at the fruit, as there was not very much of it, and it appeared to be out of season, and not as tasty. Everyone greatly enjoyed what they ordered, and my friends both found their meals very filling. The meal was moderately prices, with my sandwich plus coffee rounding out at $15. One of the greatest perks of eating at Gypsy Den is the location. The LAB in Costa Mesa is home to a variety of cute and quirky shops, and a fun place to make an afternoon out of. Also, a similar anti-mall is located across the street, called The Camp. For those traveling for breakfast, the majority of stores do not open until 11, and it is all outdoors, so rainy days often find the centers wet and empty. The Santa Ana and Anaheim locations also offer unique surroundings, and are a great stop for any meal of the day. Although the hours vary by day, on most nights all three locations are open until at least 9PM, and except for the Anaheim store, are open by 9AM. Be sure to check the hours before heading out to your location! If you’re looking for a fun time to get breakfast with friends at a quirky cafe, be sure to check out Gypsy Den!