Goodbye, Comfort

Anxiety's miasma

A toxic, suffocating vapor,

Forcing me to submit into incessant fidgets and short breaths

The painful badump pulsing in my head.

Savoring the comfort of my bed,

Listening to the clock tick in the dark,

Waiting as time passes by,

My heart beats faster with every unsteady breath I take.

"Will I make friends?"

"Will I be bullied?"

"Is Mr. Hunt as strict as people say he is?"

The endless questions are deafening.


Quarter to six. The sky still a hazy blue with faded ink.

"Five more minutes, please,

Don't drag me away from my comfort."

My first step towards a year of joy or torture

Greeted with the chilly breeze,

Whispering a message from fall.

"Please have mercy," I thought.

An introverted Asian nerd of the 12% in the entire school,

Entering Villa Park from a different district,

Everyone looks older.

It seems as if the vending machines would be my only friend.

Unfamiliar faces gradually spilled into school,

Racing past my blank stare as I suffered until the assembly began.

How many times have I refreshed Snapchat and Twitter at this point?

What felt like an hour was a mere fifteen minutes.

Mr. Hunt's sixth period inches by.

"I wonder what I'll have for dinner," I thought as I spaced out.

At first, a deafening bell drags me back to the real world,

Then, a chorus of angels forging a path to freedom.