Color Run Fun for Everyone

The “Color Vibe” 5k run was this past weekend in Brea, California and it was loads of fun! On Saturday, February 20th at 8:00 am, Samantha Peake (a senior here at VPHS) as well as her sister, Ashley and her sister’s boyfriend, Riley. The four of us encompassed the four different colors of the run- pink, purple, green, and blue. Before the race even started, we had already thrown a significant amount of colored powder on each other's perfect plain white shirts. We had small packets of powder in each color and took turns pelting each other with the different color powder. While waiting for our bibs, numbers given to each runner, I quickly spoke to one of the workers of the event, Julia who had worked the event the past 3 years. I asked her what the biggest goal of the entire event was and though she was busy, she told me that “it is to raise money for a different charity each year and to allow people from the SoCal area to be able to participate in a run that is more than simply running.” I asked her what the charity chosen for this race was and she answered with “it will be chosen once all of the other races across the country are completed.” So, after the race I looked how many other races there were and I was shocked to find that there are a whopping two hundred and twenty five other locations that color vibe is being held throughout the months of February and March. Right as the race started at 9:00, the coordinators started playing music and everybody lined up. This wasn’t a typical race because people were let out in about 100 person waves at one time. We ended up in the third wave, which started at 9:33. Every 8/10ths of mile in the 3.2 mile run had different splashes of color- first purple, then blue, pink, and finally green. Each time we ran through there were people cheering us on to keep going and told us how much longer we had left. Since this race started at Cal State Fullerton, we were able to run next to the baseball field, through campus and ended with a nice jog through the arboretum. After the race, I asked Sam what she thought of the whole experience and she replied with “This was a very fun race and I would definitely do it again. I think that if it’s this fun, it goes to a good cause and it’s an easy way to get some exercise why wouldn’t everyone do it?” I agree with her immensely. This was such a fun event for such a charitable cause- the whole event making well over $10,000 in just our city alone! I would definitely recommend this awesome program to anyone interested because of the benefit each person involved gets out of it.

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