Amour et Bonheur || Love and Happiness

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t's 9:37 a.m. The wedding party is exchanging laughs and preparing for the grand event that is about to take place. It's the eighth french wedding Madame Pazargardi has hosted. The OUSD superintendent, Mr. Michael Christensen, and the JROTC director of LA Unified School district are just two of the prestigious guests patiently awaiting this spectacular affair. The bride and groom, Emma Calle and Gavin Jones, are both phenomenal student-athletes involved in the French program. Madame knew they would be the perfect addition to this year's wedding. The two of them wait patiently behind the closed doors of the Performing Arts Center for the anticipated event. The smell of freshly baked crepes donated from Crepe de Paris fills the air. The cake, made by Spartan mother, Maddie Geraghty, is wheeled out into the ballroom, catching the eyes of all the guests. Within the next five minutes, the joyous sound of the piano would fill the room, marking the beginning of the eighth annual French wedding.

Of course, the wedding could not have happened without the meticulous planning of our French club presidents, Emilee Morgan and Rinna Taneca, as well as Ellie Wilson, Brenda Ly, and Angela Jaw. Emilee Morgan has been a part of the French program for four years, this year becoming an independent study student in AP French. She's served on the planning committee for the past two years, experiencing both the highs and the lows of the strenuous planning. "You know every year there's different struggles and stresses that come with the job, but in the end, it's always worth it. This year being "co-head" of the wedding planning defiantly put a lot if weight on my shoulders as well as my co-chair, Rinna Taneca. In the end, we worked with a lot of amazing people who brought the entire event to life." All of the planners did an outstanding job with executing this beautiful wedding. Every long meeting and extensive planning session had finally paid off, allowing each of these hard-working and dedicated planners to breathe a sigh of relief.

The amazing thing about the French wedding is how it brings people together. People from all walks of life to come together to put on this truly spectacular event. Joey Earlman, a junior who is new to Villa Park as well as the French program, described his experience as a groomsman as one you cannot forget, "this was my first time participating in the French wedding. We had nothing like this back at Servite. I learned a lot of new things about the French culture, and I can honestly say I enjoyed myself. I think the hardest part was learning how to walk down the aisle. You have to step like right foot, together, left foot, together and be in sync with your partner the whole time. Hopefully nobody noticed how often I looked at my feet." Each of the bridesmaids and groomsmen perfectly executed their part in the ceremony. There were no broken nails, no messed up speeches, no butchered dances, and luckily, no falls. The dedication of the wedding party truly showed during their impressive performance.

Everyone involved in the French program was invited to attend the wedding. With half the students eyeing the crepes and the other half Snapchatting the marvelous event, it was clear that this was a highly anticipated event. Sky Wilson, a junior in Madame's second period AP French class, attended her third French wedding this year, "It was very cute and fun! The speeches were extremely well spoken. The wedding planners did a fabulous job! I am sad that this is my last wedding, but I know as time goes on the wedding will only become bigger and better!"

French students weren't the only students involved in the success of the wedding. Mona Adawy, a freshman in Spanish II, played piano for the duration of the reception. Immersing the crowd and such favorites as the Turkish March and fur Elise, Mona was able to witness the full magnificence of the wedding, "The P.A.C. was beautifully decorated. I have no idea how they pulled that off in such little time! Huge credit is due to both the planners and Madame Pazargardi for creating a beautiful wedding this year."

One of my favorite quotes by French novelist, George Sand, is, "Il n'y a qu'un boheur dans la vie, c'est d'iamer et d'être aimé," which translates to, "There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved." The Performing Arts Center is never is as full of love and happiness than it is during the French wedding. With the remarkable planning, amazing wedding party, and wonderful guests, the French wedding was a beautiful event. All of this could not happen without the guidance and love of Madame Pazargardi who dedicates an immense amount of her time to planning and executing the perfect wedding. The deepest of gratitude is extended to everyone who worked together to pull off this splendid wedding, for the wedding was perfect to unite our Villa Park family closer together in celebration of love and happiness. This wedding was one for the books, and we can't wait to see what's in store for years to come!