Through the years, Disney and Pixar have had their fair share of princess, but something unique and powerful about Moana captivates the true spirit that Disney had once embellished to make themselves the best. The saying goes, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it and Moana cultivates this statement perfectly. The movie uses the same old techniques as previous great old folk tales of Disney, but with a modern touch that truly captivates the spirit and emotional connection found in the heart of animation itself. DY4UfMVj_400x400

Moana tells the tale of a young Pacific Islander who lives on an ever-dying island destined for greatness. She, alongside her family and tribe, live in a peaceful harmony soon to be caught in the wake of destruction.  Of course, as in any animated Disney movie, the protagonist goes against all odds and saves the day. Moana has to go above and beyond to save her island, going on wild adventures throughout the ocean. Moana fights enemies, makes friends, falls into tragedies, and adventures the world. Moana encounters everything from lava monsters to coconut pirates.  One item I found interesting in this movie was the fact that the princess in the story did not revolve around romance. Romance was definitely not a theme with this movie, which does change a bit of theming alongside most Disney animations. This adventure engages so well because of its powerful story and theming. It pays tribute to Polynesian culture and has a strong mix of feel-good music that enlightens all souls. Casting Dwayne the “Rock” Johnson and Hawaiian singer Cravalho is the perfect mix to embellish greatness in this setting. The theme sounds familiar to all Disney movies, but the way the CG invested animation of the movie is pictured, hints a whole new world to the animation realm. You fall in love with this movie in a different way than the others. The storyline may act a bit differently, but this movie pulls you in a completely different way. It takes you on a completely different road of the same path, and instills in your heart the reason why Disney is found in the hearts of everyone.

DWAYNE JOHNSON (HBO’s “Ballers,” “Central Intelligence”) voices MAUI—half god, half mortal, all awesome. ©2016 Disney. All Rights Reserved.

The character choices appeal to all. This movie isn’t just situated for one, it is made for all to enjoy. You have your huge Samoan manly men, princess, protagonists, antagonist, realism, and fiction, all tied into one storyline that anyone could enjoy.

Overall the Movie, like stated before, has the same concept as any other animated Disney movie, but the reason why the movie is so powerful is due to its use of making what is used better. The way Moana is a hero, is inspiring to the young viewers who are watching, and uphold a deeper meaning to movies themselves. I would rate Moana 9 volcanoes/10 volcanoes. The only thing that would make this movie exceptional is if it had just stepped a tad more outside the boundaries of the known Disney storyline.  But besides that, a well made movie with great animation and inspiring storyline is what we are left with.

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