Board and Brew

[dropcap custom_class="normal"]S[/dropcap]ubway – everyone knows the sandwiches.  However, Board and Brew is a better, more delicious sandwich that everyone should try before ordering another Subway sandwich. The original restaurant opened in 1979 in Del Mar, California, and became very successful quickly. In Del Mar Board and Brew wasn’t a restaurant it was an institution. The only place you would get a sandwich at was this place. Board and Brew loves their customers because they always stay loyal to the restaurant. The founder of this great place goes by the name of Tom Powers.  Board and Brew’s original location is by beaches but there is one that is right here in Anaheim. In fact many of our Villa Park students have been to this great place. They also have many great items on their menu such as club sandwiches, beef dips, grilled chicken, and many more fabulous items. Sophomore Leigh Polson says, “ That place is my favorite place to go. It’s the kind of place where you go to hang out with friends and family. Also their chicken quesadilla is the best thing in the world.” Freshman Gabe Barrios says, “ I had it once and I liked it but it wasn’t the absolute best thing in the world. If I would choose over any other sandwich restaurant I would choose the other place.” Sophomore Nick Murrell says, it’s the worst place in the world.” Some strong feelings there Nick.  To see for myself I went down to Board and Brew. I heard great things so I decided to try it for myself. When I went down there I walked in and I felt a presence that was like none other restaurant that I had been to. The employees had great attitudes and were very welcoming. When I finally go my meal I sunk my mouth into one of their sandwiches and was blown away by the taste of the food.  The place made the food much better. Very colorful and just had an atmosphere of happiness. It was a great restaurant experience and I would recommend it to any person who is looking for a good place to eat and hang out with some great people.


LifeMatthew Lanzone