A Freshman vs. A Senior's Perspective


By: Jolyn Le

Are freshmen, the class of 2023, and seniors, class of 2020, really that different from each other? They are 3-4 years apart, with plenty of contrasting thoughts.

Why do you go to school? The answer most kids would reply they were forced to, but Sarah and Andy think differently. Freshman Sarah Kin, exclaimed, “I go to school to learn and to get to attend college.” Another student, Senior Andy Le, expressed that he intends to receive an education to be able to go to college in the near future. As you can see, no matter the age gap, children receiving an education usually want to pursue a career by finishing their years in high school and going to college. High schoolers have various goals; yet set on the same goals of getting accepted into a college, university, or job of their dreams.


While plenty of adolescents desire for the famous, prodigious colleges, there is no definite path to walk down. After high school, the world is no longer limited to you; the choices become endless. There are various careers and plants to choose from after high school or college, and anyone can find their passion. Although high school graduates can decide what they want to pursue, Andy Le says, “ I would like to attend a UC college and get a stable job, and I would like to travel for work.” An important aspect that is considered in careers is the stability and although many people choose to stay in a central location to work or stay at home, this senior is eager to find a travelling career. This future, however, is not for everyone, like Sarah Kin says, “I don’t know. I’m just open to most colleges.” Choosing a college is nowhere close for a freshman, and it can be intimidating and hectic for any student. It is true that not everyone would have the same dreams such as Andy, which is why some may be on th esame route as Sarah, who would accept any available colleges or universities.

As summer comes to an end, the brand new school year begins. Thoughts begin to swirl around with wonders of what the classes would be like, who you would become friends with, or who your teachers are. Some may wish for a longer summer on sunny beaches or to simply sleep in. Some may wish to immediately be back in school and meet friends. The first year of high school can be nerve-wracking and exhilarating at the same time. Sarah mentions, “I was a little nervous and excited, but I want summer to last.” Meanwhile, the upperclassmen may desire for school to end as is very boring.” Freshmen usually view high school as a fresh beginning with people they’ve never met. As the years in high school fly by, school doesn’t seem as intriguing for upperclassmen. Evidently, students at every grade level may have assorted opinions and thoughts before a new year starts.

One of the most essential parts of high school is to find extracurriculars to participate in. The constant schoolwork and homework is endless and no fun, unless there are entertaining extracurriculars to get involved in. Involving yourself in activities within school is a great way to make new friends and find interests. Another essential area in high school is to find hobbies. It depends on the interests of the individual, and in this instance, our freshman has two particular ones. She loves to play sports such as volleyball and soccer. Her interest for soccer started when she was only six years old. She chose soccer because it was something to occupy her free time. This can differ from person to person, depending on what they personally enjoy. While Sarah involves herself in sports, the 12th grader has two extracurriculars: engaging in volunteering and playing the guitar. He began his journey playing the guitar at a young age, just like Sarah, who learned soccer at a young age, and he started volunteering this recent summer. But, he also gained an interest in joining clubs. Hobbies can also add fun and interesting parts to the boring, ceaseless learning. Every student can discover their own hobbies, just like extracurricular.

A huge struggle for students in high school is the school work and homework needed. Not only is it repetitive, yet it it time-consuming as well. The time spent definitely varies between the amount of classes take and the difficulty. Sarah Kin says, “A lot of my time, I study whenever I can for a test.” Being a freshman is basically an introduction to a newer school and experiencing what they haven’t before. Homework can be overwhelming, yet the classwork can be simple to do. While a freshman sees homework as tedious, Andy Le says, “I spend a lot of time on homework, and classwork doesn’t affect my time.” As you can see, both freshman and senior, contribute much time towards the homework given to them.

A question that can be quite tough to answer for children and adults, especially high school students is what is your passion or purpose in life and what inspires you? It can take months to years to determine your purpose. Usually freshmen take time to figures this out, because they haven’t explored all the choices and learned enough to find their passion. Seniors, on the other hand, have experienced almost four years of high school to understand a passion. The passion or purpose could be anything in the world from saving animals or finding a career to help people. “My purpose is to do well in life and my family and thinking about my future inspires me.” says Sarah, the freshman. The same goes for our senior, Andy, who says he would like to do well in life, whatever that may mean.

Overall, anyone can struggle with schoolwork and thinking about their future or even gaining an interest in extracurriculars, because at any age or grade, you can still be wondering and curious. Many people may believe that seniors and freshmen are nowhere near similar or are able to relate to the same issues, yet as you can see, the perspectives between our freshman and senior, show otherwise.

Jennellee Samkhem