Chosen Major

By: Mylin Nguyen

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I am what your parents, what your teachers warned you about becoming. Or at least, I will be. I’m that idiot who’s going to major in art.

Painting of friend and fellow senior Angelique Nguyen with two egg rolls in hand

Painting of friend and fellow senior Angelique Nguyen with two egg rolls in hand

Throughout my life, I’ve only really considered somewhere in the art field to be my ultimate career path, or at least the direction where I will take my studies and efforts. When I was younger, I did not mind academics too much; my grades never suffered beyond my control. If I was a different person, if I still had my father pushing me into science, if I had any semblance of a brain looking out for my future financial security, I would have probably gone into some technological job. But alas, I’ve only really had the patience for art. Making art, analyzing art, just watching art has been one of the consistent interests in my life (which is a comfort considering how quickly I become tired of the things I used to like).

Perhaps it is selfish of me, to continue wanting to involve my life with a dedication to art. That’s what the realist people, including a part of myself, tell me. Over time though, I’ve come to realize I associate any feeling of want with guilt, so what is the harm in one more selfish act? I know I would be able to hold down a drive in art better than if I were to major in computer science or chemical engineering or architecture.

I’ve always known that I would major in art, despite any punches towards my self-esteem I’ve committed against myself. I will be majoring in Illustration in California State University, Long Beach. Whether I will change my major, who knows, but I need something to work towards, something I believe I can achieve. And man, I hope I do well to make my younger self proud.

Editor’s Note: Here’s a gallery of a few of Mylin’s work!

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