a taste of escapril

By: Sydney Ho


The concept of #escapril: write a poem every single day in April, “escape into poetry in April”, if you will. Similar to the art challenge #inktober (in which you draw something every day in October), this month-long concept was created to push your creative side and dive deeper into writing. Personally, I never was a huge fan of poetry until the middle of 2018; regardless of how much I enjoyed reading it, I didn’t quite think that it was the genre of literature I preferred to write. When one of my favorite authors, Savannah Brown, unveiled the idea of #escapril I knew it was something I wanted to push myself to try (how can you renounce something if you’ve never tried it?). The end of the month is getting quite close, and I have to say that it hasn’t been the easiest keeping up with each daily prompt. However, my newfound love for writing poetry was well worth it! Out of the twenty-three poems I’ve written this month, these are definitely my favorites.

day 18: a happy place

i miss afternoons spent

on warm concrete

negotiate the price of gossip

over bowls of ice cream

blow our dandelion confessions

into the wind

the sun was just a little too hot

i don’t think we noticed

day 17: body as a friend (or foe)

i’m not often kind to you

body of mine

but you let me dance

sing, play, and write

even when those things seem worthless

you keep me alive

that’s more than enough

day 13: celestial bodies

to live on the moon

it would be quite cold

though the lack of oxygen

would make for great dance parties

we could play the music

as loud as we want

Sydney Ho