Happy 1st Birthday, Iliad!


What a journey! Today, one year ago, was when we first transferred over to this new site. It was an exciting time; a shiny new site was being handed over to us, and we were free to take it in whatever direction we wanted. The Villa Park Iliad was ours to reinvent, and, now, we couldn’t be prouder. Here’s a couple messages from our editors, a year after beginning their work here:

Sydney Ho, Sophomore:

“I started working on the Iliad when we were still on Wordpress, which was a while ago. I had to actually learn all of the coding aspects of Wordpress to make the final post look a certain way, which was not something I particularly good at (haha). At that point, I wasn’t even really writing for the Journalism program either, so all I was doing was editing articles and putting pictures to match. I owe my heavy involvement with all of Journalism’s publications to the Iliad, really, because it was stepping stone into being more confident with both my writing and my role in the class. This website is like my baby; there was one point in freshman year that the Iliad staff had dwindled down to me, myself, and I. It was really scary, and probably the moment where I doubted that I could make it work the most. But, here we are! I have an amazing team with me, and the Iliad is doing better than ever. To many more years of spotlighting awesome Spartan creativity!”

Jennellee Samkhem, Sophomore:

“To: Our baby, the Iliad,

Well, aren’t we growing up fast? Just one year ago, I was a wide-eyed freshman, virgin to the the world of web-design and, of course, high school. You, on the other hand, were a renovated website on a completely new domain; set with a new palette of design tools and an expansion for what we, the editors, could do with you. And, given all this creative freedom to post whatever we wanted (meaning whatever was within reason and already approved by Mr. Hill), I strayed further and further from the traditional reviews and stories and found myself returning to my roots of creative writing; something that I haven’t touched in years. Without you, I don’t think that I would’ve ever fallen back in love with storytelling. Thank you for reigniting that spark of inspiration and securing that passion for writing. Anyways, let’s look forward to more years worth of amazing Spartan works! I hope you have a fantastic birthday my dear!”

Abby Lisk, Sophomore:

“So a year ago in journalism, I was basically doing nothing in class. I kind of took advantage of it and used my zero period to work on homework I didn’t want to do the night before. Kind of out of nowhere, I just became a part of the Iliad crew here. I really don’t remember how it happened, it just kind of did. Since then, I’ve been doing a lot more for this class, not just for the Iliad. I’ve been recognized in the yearbook and magazine as well, which is really cool to me. So I guess I’d just like to say thanks to the Iliad for really pushing me to do more for everyone and to become a better writer in general. I hope that this website can get more publicity someday, even if this small group of editors isn’t working on it. This is a place for us to talk about ourselves and relate to the other students. It’s a really good place to share our stories, from book reviews to how to shop for better clothes. And thank you to Mr. Hill for giving me the opportunity to work on this wonderful website and really become attached to his class.”